Your New Ebook – Who Will Buy It?

What to avoid the biggest mistake you can make in writing and selling ebooks? I see ebook entrepreneurs making this particular error every day. They choose a topic which appeals to them, and forget everything else.

When you get an idea for an ebook, test it carefully. Just because you love an idea, or know a great deal about a topic, your product may not sell, or it may sell a few copies which are insufficient to pay you for the time and effort you’ve put into the project.

Here are four questions to consider.

1. Who Will Buy Your Ebook?

Whenever you get an idea, this is the first question you must ask. It’s also the most important. If the topic lacks buyers, you can’t make money.

Once you know who your buyers are, discover whether they’re online in numbers. Some audiences just don’t congregate online.

2. What Do They Want to Know?

You’ve got an idea, and you know there’s an audience. Next, you need to find out what they want to know. Here’s a tip: generally, newcomers to an are are the best audience. They want to get up to speed fast: you ebook gives them a way of doing that.

It’s a matter of numbers. Whatever your topic, there are always more beginners in an area than experts.

3. What Will They Pay for?

Your prospective buyers may want to know about your topic, but they may not be prepared to pay for information. It happens, and there’s no much you can do about it.

You may be wondering how you know that they’re willing to pay… that’s easy. If there are other ebooks in your topic (the more the merrier) you know that people pay for that kind of information.

4. How Will You Let Them Know About Your Ebook?

Finally, you need to know how you’ll promote your ebook. If you can’t create a promotional plan which fits into your budget before you create the ebook, save yourself the time and energy of creation. 

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