What Is The Magniwork Magnetic Generator E-book?

The current buzz on subject of renewable energy on the internet is the Magniwork e-book. If you were to surf the internet on energy related web sites, you will see Magniwork advertisement posted everywhere. So, what is the e-book all about?

The Magniwork e-book is an instructional guide book that shows you how to make an electric generator by using the “attraction” and “repelling” forces of magnets. Many people had mistaken the magnetic dynamo as a “perpetual motion device”. In actual fact, it is not. The generator does not spin indefinitely due to fiction.

Here’s some basic fact about the magnetic device. The magnet generator uses the principle of moving magnetic flow named “the magnetic current” for generating electrical power. The generator is capable of producing 3.5 volts and 7 ampere of Direct Current (DC). The amount of energy produced is equivalent to 24 watts.

In the manual, you will see instruction on how to build the generator with 12 pieces of magnet bars arranged in a special configuration. The magnet bars are place next to a series of copper wires supported by copper tubes.

Here’s the catch, in order for the generator to start spinning, it has to be assisted by an external force. Meaning, the assembly has to be spun by a motor up to 2100 revolution per minute (rpm) for a period of 42 second. When it reaches a sufficient speed, the external force can be disengaged and the magnets are to spin freely.

As the magnets spin, a constant electric current is flowed through the copper wires hence generating a magnetic field. The wire magnetic field will push against the magnet bars therefore maintaining its momentum.

The spinning magnets assembly is connected to a central shaft which drives a DC electric generator. The author of the Magniwork e-book claims that the amount of energy produced by the DC electric generator is more than the amount of energy going into the copper wire.

The magnetic generator is capable of producing sufficient energy to sustain itself at the same time generating access power for consumption. Generally, that is the science behind the Magniwork magnetic generator concept.

Do you want to know how to build a magnetic generator to reduce your home electricity bill? If you do, check out the Magniwork e-book. It will show you step-by-step how to make a magnet generator with inexpensive parts. For more information, read the Magniwork review at the web site.

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