Use E-books With Your Next Viral Marketing Campaign

So many business owners hear the term viral marketing and for some strange reason they associate something horrible with it, but the truth is a viral marketing campaign can be a powerful in helping to generate more traffic to your business’s website.  Everyone knows how a virus spreads so easily from once person to other.  

All one person has to do is to catch the most simplest of colds and then openly sneezes, which will then give the cold to every single person within the room.  The way this is done is through the sharing of germs, which will in turn start an epidemic.  Sounds horrible, but with a viral marketing campaign for your business this could be a great thing since the concept is the same, but your customers spreads whatever marketing message you send them to others because it is something worth sharing.

One of the most successful marketing messages used with a viral marketing campaign is the of E-books.  By creating an E-book with an established link to the website of your business or your sales page or any affiliated links to your products and services, then sending it to a handful of your customers and encouraging them to share it their family and friends you will begin your viral marketing campaign.

Once your handful of customers begins sharing your E-book with a few of their friends and they share it with a few of their friends, soon your E-book will reach a hundred people, then a hundred more and so on and so on.  It is easy to see how digital information can spread over a large area so fast.  Before you know it, that handful of people will become thousands as your message has duplicated quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Within your message to the recipients you need to be sure that they are aware they have your permission to share your E-book with others, which is the main reason you have created the E-book in the first place.  

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