The LG Optimus One With Google Map Navigation

Google Maps has been one of the best ways to find the best route to your destination. It also gives you information on traffic reports and the weather. However, this can only be accessed from your computer’s browser. This was all in the past. You can know access this from the LG Optimus One.

When it comes to maps, no one else does it better than Google. There are so many types of information to be seen here. One of these is traffic reports. You can see everything from medical emergencies to road constructions, from road obstructions to accidents, and from slow to fast-moving traffic. All of this information will be seen on the maps.

Other information includes photos, videos, webcams, terrain, bicycling, buzz, real estate, and even Wikipedia look-ups. With all this information ready to be viewed, you will know what to avoid on the road. In addition, you will also get to explore new areas of interest. These things can be restaurants, shops, cubs, and so much more. You can even plot the best route to these new destinations.

There are also 3 views that you can choose from. The first view is the simplest. This is the map view. The second is the satellite view. This is a view that you would most like see when you are high above. The last view is the earth view. This will give you a three-dimensional view of anywhere you would like to explore. All of these are available on the LG Optimus One.

When plotting your destination from point A to point B, there are options you can make use of. The first option is by car. This will give you the fastest route by vehicle. The second option is by public transit. The LG Optimus One offers to give you directions to your destination through public transportation. The third option is by foot. The last option is by bicycle if there are places ideal for biking.

The best option you can take is turn by turn navigation. Here, you get step by step instruction on the most optimal route to any given destination. Through this option, you will never lose your way in unfamiliar territories. Prepare to always get to where you want to go, and get there always on time.

There is no other way to get the best route. This is the LG Optimus One with Google Map Navigation.


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