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How To Make It To The Top Ten Ranks On Google
In order to make money online, you will need a good amount of traffic. Most marketers are smart enough to create a high converting sales page, but when it comes to bringing visitors to their websites, they fail miserably. There are several social media websites today that can be used to bring in targeted traffic, but nothing can be compared to organic traffic. Organic traffic is 100% niche specific and it converts much better than the traffic generated through other traffic sources. In order to bring in a huge amount of traffic to your website, you will need to attain the top ten ranks on Google and below mentioned are some thing you can do to improve your website ranking.
Do a proper keyword research:
Keyword research is really important when it comes to search engine optimization. If you are planning on grabbing the top ten positions on Google, it’s important that you research your keywords and your competition well. If you don’t have plenty of cash in your hands, your best bet would be to compete for less competitive terms rather than failing miserably. While starting a website from scratch, it’s best to work with long tail keywords and LSI(latent semantic indexing)* keywords instead of short tail keywords. Then once you have enough cash, you can reinvest your money to rank high for more competitive terms.
Build links to your website:
Google is a library of several blogs and websites. When a person enters a search term into Google, the Robot scans the internet for relevant content and presents a bunch of websites with those keywords on it. The web-pages with the maximum amount of backlinks are given higher ranks than those with only a few. So if you want your website to rank high on Google, make it a point to build links on a daily basis. There are several blogs, websites and forums on the internet today that allow people to leave comments with links pointing back to their website, which is something you can use to your advantage. The only catch is that there are certain websites with “no-follow” tags on them, which are specially inserted on web-pages to make search engines ignore links on them. So make sure you post your comments on websites with “do follow” tags on them. You might also want to have a look at high profile forum backlinks, as they are really popular these days!
Avoid links from link farms!
Try not to get backlinks from webpages with too many links and even pages with inappropriate content on it! Don’t place a link pointing to such websites either!
Update your website with fresh content on a regular basis:
Search engines love fresh content, which is why you should always update your website on a regular basis. It makes search engines believe that your website is providing up to date information to your readers. Since Google wants it’s users to have the latest information, it gives frequently updated websites a better rank! If you don’t have anything special to give away to your visitors, don’t update your website. However, always stay away from duplicate content!
* Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text. LSI is based on the principle that words that are used in the same contexts tend to have similar meanings.

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