Interesting Google Doodles of June 2010

Google doodles are now becoming more and more popular among Internet users all over the world. They are customized logos appearing on the search engine’s homepage to memorize special dates or events. It can be seen that Google doodles which are designed on, around and through the Google logo have become a special part of Google’s history. Obviously, logo team on Google homepage design increasingly more and more productively. A large number of daily works are true evidence. In particular, most countries have their own Google designs to advocate World Cup 2010, the biggest football tournament. Let’s find out more Google doodles of June 2010.


World Cup 2010 (


110th birthday of the inventor Dennis Gabor (June 5th)


200th birthday of composer Robert Schumann (June 8th)


Philippine Independence Day (June 12th)


Russian Independence Day (June 12th)


110th birthday of writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery (June 29th)


Father’s Day (June 20th)


100th birthday of explorer Jacques Cousteau (June 11th)


Swedish Independence Day (June 6th)


Italian Independence Day (June 2nd)



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