Google Instant: Now With Keyboard Navigation

There are some serious expansions and improvements that Google has been announcing lately: Google Instant is expanding with increasing pace. The search and type feature is becoming wider every instance. Google claims to be expanding Instant feature in several ways:

* Google Instant will be active on Vertical Searches that include Google Videos, Google News and Google Blogs. You will have search results instantly in any of these vertical search components. For an instance, if you are looking for something in the Google Videos that you select from the Vertical Column on the left, you will get the search as you type results instantly.
* Google Instant is now moving towards other countries that include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine.
* Google Instant is also focusing on the Keyboard Navigations in order to make your experience an even friendlier one. You need not to use your cursor to check for the search results. The moment you start typing, Google predicts results that you might be interested in. It displays a number of suggestions as well along with the changing results and you can use the Arrow keys to select them. Once you get the result that you are interested in, press ENTER.
* Google Instant offers you even more hold over the keyboard for your navigation. Once you get all the search results calculated from the Google’s algorithm, you can press the keyboard keys to move down the list of results. Press the down and up arrow key and you will be navigating through links, press ENTER and you are into the page.

Google Instant promises to get you with even refined results and that too, in a shorter period to ensure that your experience with Google Instant is a healthier one and you actually start saving time with the flexible features it render.

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