Chris Fox – The Google Cash Sniper Mentor

Chris Fox has risen from strength to strength ever since he started online in 2005.

The self confessed ‘loser’ who was expelled from 3 colleges and was found near overdosed on a combination of drugs and alcohol, has seriously WISED UP since those bad days and now makes a steady 6 figure income online.

Google Cash Sniper is going to show you how he does it!

All his methods relate to conquering and beating the search engines using FREE traffic. In otherwords, he likes to shame the PPC industry by dominating the top spot in Google with FREE methods that can only make him HUGE amounts of CASH!

With the transition from Web1.0 to Web2.0, Chris has worked underground to covertly ‘snipe’ out what the competition is doing and ‘steal’ their terms without them knowing. He knows only the very best ways to promote a website/blog from social bookmarking, article submission, authority backlinks to link exchanges.

Everything you need to know on dominating Google is taught in Google Cash Sniper.

Chris is not only a vat of SEO knowledge but he very willingly will do his best to teach his knowledge and findings to anyone in need of help. He is currently a member (well even better) a mentor with portalfeeder dot com.

Portalfeeder is an online web community that offers a tonne of information and complete host of promotional tools for you or your business. Plus, with mentors like Chris, you can work on a personal level with these guys to make sure you are on the right track, whether you are a newbie or established internet marketer.

I would STRONGLY advise you to check out Chris Fox’s Google Cash Sniper. If this 25 year old ‘self confessed’ loser is making a 6 figure income online exp


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