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Cheap jewelry is relative to your idea of the value of money and how much you have of it. A Tiffany replica can seem inexpensive at $ 40 or $ 50, or a reproduction of a designer ring can be a bargain at $ 200 if the real version is $ 2,000, and perhaps a copy of a famous classic antique may be cheap at $ 2,000 if the original is $ 20,000.

What is your idea of cheap? Body jewelry for under $ 10? Costume jewelry for less than $ 20? Gold jewelry, or high end fashion jewelry, for around $ 30 or $ 40? Wedding jewelry at $ 200 for a cubic zirconia engagement or wedding ring set?

One of the most popular niches in the cheap jewelry market is costume jewelry which costs up to $ 20 and many wholesale and online jewelry shops sell packages of very cheap jewelry for as little as $ 1. This kind of jewelry is valuable to:

- those who have a business and want a value added product to go with a service.
- those who need promotional giveaways or party favors.
- inexpensive children`s gifts
- simple cheap silver jewelry for those who need large quantities of body jewelry for piercing or tattoo clients.

These inexpensive products will not be of high quality and will not last long and will likely come from Chinese manufacturers and be similar to other products sold in department stores and discount jewelry outlets around the world.

In this category of very cheap jewelry is all you will ever need for body jewelry and if you shop online you find that you can have a wide variety for about $ 10 and that packages with assorted belly rings or studs or barbells will be perfect for when you accidentally lose one and need a quick replacement. These packages are often designed as ideal presents for young people.

If you know someone who has piercings and want to give a gift that will them smile, a set of cheap body jewelry may be a welcome surprise.

Visit Cheap Jewelry Online to find out more about the infinite variety of inexpensive jewelry you can find if you are willing to do a little digging.

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