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Your property is the largest purchase you will ever make so why would you jeapordise that by employing substandard workmen? I would like to share with you 5 tips to protect yourself and help employ a builder who will do you credit.
My first tip is to ask for references. Any decent builder will have a number of previous customers that would be only too delighted to show off the work they have done. It is not enough to just ask for the references, you need to go ahead and contact the people.
Never pay any money upfront, any builder worth his salt will not ask you to pay for any work up front. The only caveat to this is be prepared to pay for any bespoke and overly expensive items. One off’s can only be used on your project so the supplier and the builder would be well within their rights to ask you to pay for the item.
You should agree with your builder over what the terms of payment should be. Usually there will be payments required upon completion of certain stages. It is usually a great idea to agree that a final payment, of say 10% should be withheld until all the final pieces have been sorted out.
Try to get as many quotes as possible. These will give you a much better idea of what the job will cost. You will usually see a couple of quotes that will be some way off from the rest. Be wary of any that are too low as the builder may have underestimated and will try to add the costs on in “add on” charges. Also any that are too high may be that the builder doesn’t need the job so it is a bonus if you accept the job.
Just to make sure your builder is on a sound financial footing is to choose one who is VAT registered, as this will show that the builder has a turnover of greater that 60,000.
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