Backend Income Secrets – How to Build a 6 Figure Online Business

In this article I am going to talk about backend sales as being the primary system for creating super profits and a scalable and replicatable system that you can use again and again. A system that will by nature if you set it up correctly will bring much more profits and sales and allow for exponential growth. 

To understand how to do this we need to look at the following:

Planning your sales strategy
Building value and a customer relationship
Understanding the limitations to Front end selling
Designing a backend system that can be replicated

1. Planing your sales strategy

You’ve heard it many times failing to plan is planning to fail.  I look t it a different way.  Never accept a short term solution to a long term problem.  The long term problem being creating super wealth as a business and making money not just today but for years to come.  The Short term solution in my eyes is not setting up your system to bring in replicatable sales and exponential growth.  I use the analogy it’s not about selling a £19 ebook.  So you need to plan your attack and think about how you can bring at least 2 products to market so the 2ND one can leverage of the first launch and build on the value and reputation that you would be putting out there.  You also do a couple of things:

Have a lead gen tool for your 2ND product
Have an up sell and backend already made
Have a way to upgrade your primary customers

All whilst keeping the momentum with a relationship which I Will touch on next

2. Building Value and a customer relationship

The most important factor for super scalable sales online.  So many sites and offers are a one shot deal, they send the traffic they land on the offer page you sell them on the front end for $ 19 or $ 47 or whatever and thats’s it!

You have to build value first and sell 2ND.  In fact build the value upfront and you won’t even have to hard sell.  This all comes down to giving great content upfront and really attending to your prospects needs not your own.  You should build value in every aspect of your business, from product giveaways to customer service to guarantees.  There should be complete customer satisfaction.  Without this you will be losing valuable customers that you have paid an acquisition cost for.  Since in general you convert 1:10 fresh prospects at a cost, if you hold on to current customers they are likely to buy another product from you in a ratio of 1:2!  That’s 5 x easier to sell them with value upfront! The best part is that there is no more cost to sale since you have paid that already!

3. Understanding the limitations to front end selling

It’s simple maths you know.  How many product do you have to sell at say $ 47 upfront to make $ 30,000  a month? Divide $ 30,000 by $ 47 and you would need to sell around 638 products every month! I don’t know about you but you would need a ton of traffic the best conversion rates and no doubt a hell of a lot in marketing spend. 

Change your sales process and your lead generation system

By having a backend of higher priced products (and this comes full circle to the first very important point about planning your sales strategy), means that you can sell less upfront and make more on backend sales.  A simple and effective strategy is to actually lose money on your front end product by discounting it or even giving it away for free and providing that intrinsic value which is what people are looking for and then having a strong backend of several products. You can be sure you will reap the profits back seven fold by up-selling a backend product.  Think about it; lose money on your $ 47 product and have a pipeline of backend product ranging form $ 197 to $ 2000 or more related to the first offering.  you only have to sell one $ 2000 backend product to make the same cash as 42 sales at $ 47! This is just the tip of the iceberg there is much more to go into here which I am limited to through the length of he article

4. Designing a backend system that can be replicated

With all these things done correctly you need to spend time designing a backend system that can be replicated and have sales lined up ready to be sold.  It’s a simple shift of mind set from one hit wonders online to positioning your self for rapid sales growth from the very start.  You need to have at least 2 – 3 products in preparation to capitalize on your first sales of your opening product as you will be building a list and a relationship and they will want more content and more product at some point.  Simply put, you can start of with ‘what to do’ type info products I recommend starting out with PLR products you can have them up and running in just days.  Next move towards ‘how to do’ products this really needs more time and effort and the value must be higher.  I like to offer products in different ‘levels’ in your own system typically your first product would be level one and your highest priced products or service, the highest level i.e. 6,7,8 or whatever with an increasing price to them.

You have the basics of how to set up a real profitable online system that looks to build a scalable and replicatable system.  The information here is limited to the length of the article for the full low down on how you can use this system refer to my resource box.

Theo Handen is an internet marketer with a history steming right from pharmaceutical sales for over 7 years an dthe last 2 on the internet, his site the backend income secrets goes into full details of how to build a true online business. A high quality video tutorial course exposing and revealing the latest strategies being used by the top internet marketer’s today. For complete informaton on building a scalable 6 figure plus online business which goes through specific details of lead generation, front end selling tactics and limitations as well as two full modules on buidling intinsic customer value and a relationship visit the webiste:

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