12 Secret Headline Words That Will Get Your Articles More Readers

Do you know that most people only read the headline on your article and then they will move on to the next one if that does not appeal to them? It does not matter how long and descriptive your article Teaser copy is, it won’t be read if your article copy is not appealing.

Okay here are some words.

1. You.

Do you know what? Everyone wants likes to know something that is going to affect them. So the word you is one of the top twenty words that were found in the best performing headlines in direct marketing history. I have not got the book and my memory has only dredged up 12 of the 20.

Do you want more hits on your articles?

Use the word you more then!

2. Your.

4 ways that your relationship can be taken into overdrive.

Announcing a new way to improve your article readership.

Taking your website from obscurity to top five on Google.

Are you interested in any of these article titles above reader? Why is that? Well that is because they each have 2-3 keywords that are in our top 12 words that are to be included in your headlines.

If the word you and your is in an article headline it makes it really powerful.

3. New.

Everyone wants to see Kylies new baby. Here inside first pictures.

New ways to promote websites and get high rankings on Google for your website.

Everyone wants to know something that is new, and if something you are going to talk about in your article is going to be new to them, then you might want to use the words you, and new.

4. Secrets.
Serious headline writers who are all in competition don’t want the whole world knowing what are the secret top 20 headline words. I only know 12 of them from memory from a book I read 18 years ago, but my articles bear testimony sometimes to my use of headline words. When I want a Bible verse that I am using in a teaching to be found, I quote the verse and Ezine articles gets me up in the first few hits on Google, so I don’t use my headline words.

Everyone wants to know secrets. So if you have them, use that word in your headline.

5. How.

How many things do you want to know?

How I lost 60 pounds in 60 days…no contracts.
How I went from divorce to forgiving my former wife.
How to get number on Google for your website…six tips.

Everyone has something that they want to do, all they want to know is how to do it. That is why they come here to learn. Why don’t you tell them how to do it and use how in your headline.

6. Ways.

6 ways how you can get your readers to come back…free report.

Wouldn’t you like that free report if I had it for you?

Here is how and way together in this headline above. There can be as many ways as you can think up. These can come from your extensive knowledge on the subject. I am happy I never bought a book on search engine optimization and yet over the years I learned how to get my website number one under search words “personal prophecy.”

3 ways to turn a first date into your second date.

If you were single that would be worth a few minutes..

7. Tips.

6 tips to how to stay in front of the competition in SEO…free report.
3 tips how to get your lover who left you back.
10 tips to building a very successful ministry online…your free PDF here.

Do you want to click through on any of them readers? Tips come from personal experience or knowledge you have gleaned over the years.

Here is a Tip, a number ( 1) is always more powerful than a word ( one) for a number.

8. Keys.

Four keys to your best sermons…free report.
Four keys to unlocking your hidden potential at any age.
Four keys to understanding women.

Enough said!

9. Reasons.

7 reasons why ugly guys score pretty women.
10 reasons why the rich are rich and how you can follow them.

There are always reasons for why things happen. If you know the reasons, why don’t you tell the people that are reading your articles.

10. Announcing.

Everyone likes to be on top of something that is new. When the word announcing appears is makes the appearance that something that follows is something new. Id you have something that has benefits for your readers, announce it.

11. Win.

Write your email and go in the chance to win a free DVD collection.
First 10 readers to contact us win DVD.

Everyone likes to win something. If you have a few of your products you can afford to give away, you can collect a lot of emails this way.

12. Free.

I saved this for the hungry right down the bottom. Free is the most popular and most successful headline word that you can ever use. If you can make a 100 page PDF with great content, you can call it a report worth $ 10.95 yours free!

Happy headline writing. If you have not seen anything from me before, that is because most of my articles are in the religion section.

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