10 Techniques That Will Attract Loyal Readers to Your Blog

Blogging has become one of the fastest growing ways for people to share information and ideas on the internet. Some blogs are owned by individuals who share their own personal views. Others are owned by businesses and used for advertising. Either way, blogs give people new web content on a regular basis and allow you to share your ideas and feelings in a semi-social internet setting.

One goal all blogs have in common, regardless of their nature, is getting more traffic and unique readers. There are almost as many strategies for driving traffic to your blog as there are blogs on the web. Here are 10 primary techniques that will help drive traffic to your blog in as short a time as possible, and help you establish a mass of loyal readers who will tell their friends about your blog.

1. Compose posts carefully. If you want readers of your blog to accept that you are serious and knowledgeable about the topic of your blog, you will have to use proper grammar, spelling, and word choices. You want your blog to have a human voice, but you want it to have a feeling of authority on the topic as well. People who read a blog post that is full of spelling and grammar mistakes, or even colloquialisms, will likely choose to go elsewhere for their content.

2. Post often. One of the fastest ways to kill a blog before it even gets started¬† (let alone one that has been established for a while) is to let it sit idle while the world moves on. You will want to establish a pattern for posting a set number of times per week and stick to it. If you post daily at first, you will want to keep doing so. Most of the time two to three posts a week is sufficient. This will allow time for new developments to take place in the realm of your blog’s topic. Another major advantage of regular posting is that adding new content regularly tends to draw attention from the search engine ‘bots and help you get listed on the various search engines. If your content is relevant and meaningful, it could also help your search engine rankings.

3. Go beyond plain text on your blog. One of the things that will turn people away is looking at a solid block of black and white text. Include photos, graphs, charts, and multimedia presentations that are pertinent to the topic. This will break things up a little and make your blog more eye-catching.

4. Make sensible use of comments.¬† If your blog is brand new and does not yet receive much traffic, you might want to disable the comments for a time. This is because people do look at comments and are often scared off by a blog with several posts that have not drawn even one comment. Posting comments on other blogs is a good way to get some notice. It is imperative, however, that you make your comments relevant to the topic of the blog post you are commenting on. Otherwise, it’s just spam. Leave intelligent comments that pertain to the topic and embed a link back to your blog.

5. Set your blog up to create an RSS feed. Once you have some visitors to your blog that are impressed with the value of your content and want to see more, Having an RSS button on the blog will allow them to receive all new content in a convenient manner.

6. Use tags in your content. Keywords go a long way with the search engines, but they only tell part of the story. Tags, also called meta tags, provide information for the search engine ‘bots that is not necessarily seen by the readers of your blog. Proper use of tags can improve your search engine rankings and land you more readers.

7. Make use of all the available SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. These include smart use of keywords, meta tags and links from other websites.

8. Choose your topics wisely. If your blog is about events taking place in the financial markets, you don’t want to add a post about the terrible luck you had in Las Vegas last week. However, any new occurrences and newsworthy events that can affect the financials is fair game. Keep it relevant to the people who have found you.

9. Use Guest bloggers. If you and another person are blogging about the same type of topics, invite him/her to post on your blog once in a while. The odds are that the offer will be reciprocated and that you will be allowed to include a link to your blog in the post you make on their blog if you extend the same courtesy. Guest bloggers are also a good way to ensure timely entries on your blog, even if you are on vacation.

10. Join forums and social networking sites. Make sure you join the ones that pertain to your blog’s topic. Forums are communities of people with similar histories and interests. These make a wonderful place to provide information that people are looking for in such a manner that you can promote your blog as long as all of your forum posts are relevant to the topic on the forum… and not spamming.

Mike Griffith
Copyright 2009  

Mike Griffith is a freelance writer, internet marketer and blogger. For more specific tips and techniques for making money with your blog and attracting targeted and loyal readers to your blog and website, visit: http://leadgenerationheadquarters.typepad.com/leads/making-money-with-your-blog-10-humble-tips.html

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