10 Considerations When Writing Your E-book

As any successful Internet marketer will tell you the real profits are made when you’ve created your own information product to sell online. E-books have been a perennial power house when it comes to information product popularity on the web for many years and its celebrity continues even today as it remains one of the most down loaded pieces of merchandise on the Internet. For the uninitiated an e-book is an electronic or digital form of a regular text book.

Most Internet marketers who want to create their own product usually begin by writing an e-book. You should choose a topic which interests you and which is related to your particular marketing niche. There are many factors to consider before taking finger to keyboard to author your literary work including these 10 considerations:

1. Your first thought should be about your topic or title. What aspect of Internet marketing interests you the most? Is it generating traffic to your website or a particular aspect of this overall topic such as creating back links to your home page? What ever topic you decide to write about it should be related to your niche.

Once you’ve made up your mind about your theme you must then come up with a title. Your heading should be eye catching and peak people’s interest in your particular topic. You only have a short period of time to grab someone’s attention so you must make the most of your opportunity by enticing them to want to read more.

2. Next you must ponder whether or not to produce other formats of your work. Your e-book will be digital in nature however you can also produce a text version or an audio file or even a video edition. If you decide on all three you could sell them individually or create a package deal at a reduced price.

3. How long will your e-book be? When beginning to write it’s good to know approximately how many pages you want to create and also how many chapters will result from these pages. You want to avoid fluff and irrelevant content just to make your book longer.

People want quality information and relevant content that’s going to solve their problems or meet their needs. If you decide to add volume instead of substance your readers will see right through the bull and they will pan your work.

4. You must decide whether or not your book will contain graphics, illustrations and or pictures. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true today and is often the best way to communicate your ideas and thoughts.

5. Will you be using contributions from other authors on your chosen topic? If you know any popular and well respected authors online in your chosen field it may be a good idea to ask for input from them by way of an article on a related subject in your narrative.

In return you could offer them a link at the end of their piece to their website. People sometimes purchase an e-book because of the name or names on the cover and this may be a good way to generate more sales.

6. Once you’ve created your e-book you must now decide if you’re gong to sell it or use it to promote your business. Instead of selling it out right you could offer it as a free gift to entice people to subscribe to your email list.

Or you could provide it to other Internet marketers to give away from their websites thereby creating back links to your home page all over the Internet. Perhaps you have an idea for a business arrangement with another webmaster online? The choices seem endless once you have your own product to promote on the web.

7. Should you include a short autobiography in your product? Adding information about yourself is a great way to establish relationships with your readers. When people begin to feel that they know you and can trust you an instant bond is created and you may have produced a life long customer for your enterprise. Future sales are the life blood of any business whether it’s online or offline.

8. What will you put on the cover of your finished product? Will you have a picture or graphics or just text or maybe all three on the front of your book? Studies have shown that red is the best color to use to grab someone’s attention with perhaps a bold font for your title.

Whatever you decide be sure not to make it too cluttered and unattractive to the eye. Your cover is usually the first thing your potential customers will see and you need to make a good first impression.

9. What price point will you establish for your e-book? Many factors contribute to this decision with the main one being how much are similar works being sold for online by your competition. You must be careful not to price your book too low or people will get the idea that it can’t be very good to be selling so cheaply.

On the other hand you don’t want to price yourself out of the market by asking for too much money for your product. The best way to come up with a fair offer is to investigate what the market is paying for similar information online.

10. Are you going to offer a money back guarantee for your e-book? This is a double edged sword because there are people out there who will pay to download your digital product and then request a refund.

On the other hand, if you don’t offer a money back guarantee people may decide not to purchase your product. Past experience indicates if people enjoy the content of your work they will only want to buy more of your products and they won’t want their money back.

So as you can see there are many things to consider before and after creating your e-book and what you decide can have a lasting impact on the future of your Internet marketing career.

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