Your eBook – Sell More Copies Now – 12 Top Pointers

Your eBook – Sell More Copies Now – 12 Top Pointers

So you have finally elaborated your eBook. But at this moment an even major daunting task awaits you. You have the quivers at the idea of how to sell your eBook. The following 7 random tricks will help you on your way.

Once your eBook has an ISBN number you can sell it at

Write articles on your book and publish them to several article directories like or

Run banner and other ads on niche blogs related to your eBooks theme

Place comments on posts about the theme of your eBook on high-ranking blogs. Make sure they are no considered Spam

Always add a creative signature referring to your eBook to your emails, posts, etc.

Do JV with partners in the same niche allows you to submit your eBook for free to their directory. They accept both free and paid eBooks

A very important consideration is how much you will sell you eBook for. I wouldn’t recommend guessing; you will lose sales since prospects will either find the price excessively high or too low (if the price is too low, people might think your eBook is of no use because it’s low-priced). Anyhow, this means you are losing out on income!

You could either
Look at your competitors and price your eBook appropriately
Begin high and gradually lower the price until you feel happy with the amount of sales
Do some market research, maybe do a survey

If you do not welcome credit cards as a method of payingpayment, you will be turning away about 90% of your buyers. Use Paypal or if you don’t have a merchant account set up.

In your marketing (sales copy), make sure you present your eBook as something that will cure a problem or fulfill a need for your purchaser.

Also make sure you get your customers to opt-in to your list. Promising them free updates to your book is a good way to tempt them to do so. You can then in time upsell them, or propose them similar products. If they enjoy your ebook, they are certainly more willing to buy from you than from someone else. Before going for a next sale, make sure you stay in contact with them, asking if they like your ebook or what subtopics they would like to see added , or you can offer them a freebie or some good advice.

Make sure your eBook is sent right away (in its electronic form). People will refrain from buying from you just because they have to wait until you get to your computer to email them the link, or worse, because they have to wait for a CD to arrive in the mail.

About the Author: Johansen Sedewayes has been writing online articles for several years and has published successfull eBooks.

His latest projects include websites on Crate Training Puppy and Free Cupons

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