World?s Most Attractive Libraries

Library is known to be an academic place for people to use for the sake of their study and knowledge widening. In particular, many colleges and universities often make much effort to build ideal libraries for students and teachers to facilitate reading books or accumulating materials with endless pleasure. While there are lots of libraries following the classic structure and being designed by means of wood furniture or brick walls, the other modern ones are equipped with glass materials, different modern devices such as laptops or e-readers, and hi-tech facilities. Below are some impressive photos of the most beautiful libraries in the world, also known as the most attractive architecture works:


National Library of Belarus is regarded as the key information and cultural centre of the nation and includes 8 million items of different media as well as a collection of bibliographic, factual graphic, full-text, graphic, sound and language databases


Stiftsbibliothek Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg, Austria


Library of Parliament is known to be the major research resource for the Parliament of Canada and takes inspiration from the British Museum Reading Room with 600,000 items


Sterling Memorial Library of Yale University is considered as the largest library on the Yale campus and functions as the center of the library system


Doe Memorial Library, the main library of the UC Berkeley Library System on the UC Berkeley campus with 52 miles of bookshelves and some of the University\’s most prized collections, is 70 feet in height and covered with street lights


Fisher Fine Arts Library, situated on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, consists of the Main Reading Room with its large skylight and wall of south-facing windows


Library of Congress, the research library of the United States Congress, is ranked as the largest library across the globe thanks to shelf space and number of books


Rijksmuseum Research Library, the largest art history library in the Netherlands, features catalogues of auctions and exhibitions, trade and collection catalogues, books, and periodicals




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