Winning the Money Game: Alliance Accounting Offer Complimentary Copies of their Newly Launched eBook

Liverpool, Australia (PRWEB) May 22, 2014

Winning the Money Game is the title of the newly launched eBook by George Germanos, Managing Director and Principal Accountant at Alliance Accounting, that offers critical information and tips on how to achieve success in business.

In this book, Mr. Germanos outlines a few key and simple steps that can make a positive impact on a businesss bottom line and enable businessmen win the money game. As Mr. Germanos explains, If achieving success is really that easy, then why arent all businesses rolling in massive profits? Simple: because most business owners are so focused on their business, they forget to take the necessary steps or just overlook (or ignore) them when playing the money game.

The chapters of the eBook start with the money game basics where businessmen are prompted to read the rules and spend less than they earn. The next chapter focuses on playing smarter, not harder where the author helps entrepreneurs to get a grip on expenses, understand margins, and find a mentor. Following is the missing piece: the accountant chapter. Here the author discusses correct structures, budget & record keeping, tax planning & savings, and long term goals. Last, but not least, Mr. Germanos writes on success; as he emphasises this plan to financial success through business isnt a complicated one and anyone who follows it correctly will achieve their goals.

Alliance Accounting are not just accountants; they are business advisors focussed on helping grow their clients’ business and financial position. Mr. Germanos explains The key strength of Alliance Accounting is our ability to place ourselves in your situation. Our accountants take the time to understand your business and you to be able to provide the best possible advice.

Winning the Money Game eBook is available to download for free at Alliance Accountings website. The only thing users have to do is to enter their e-mail address to claim their copy. Visit their website today:


Established in 2010, Alliance Accounting is proud to be a key business partner for many of their clients. Specialising in matters of Business and Investing, the forward-thinking company not only assists clients in maintaining their business, but growing it to achieve their goals.

Whats more, theyre a Chartered Accounting firm backed by an industry leading membership body. Their office is further complimented by having a Director of Business whos a Chartered Tax Adviser, Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Justice of the Peace.

Alliance Accountings key strength is their ability to work as if they were in your position. They are business advisers from Sydney who go to great lengths to understand your business fully, in order to always offer the best possible advice.

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