What Your Readers Want To See In Presentation Folders

Do you give your readers what they want to see in your folder printing? You must know that folder printing is not just about you and your special colored presentation folders. The reader does expect some things in your custom folders, especially if you are performing a report and giving away those presentation folders to them. You have to give them precisely what they want and need so that they can understand and like your whole color folder along with its contents.

Let me give you some of the basic things that your readers will probably want to see in the design and message of your custom color folders.

Clear Titles All the readers of your presentation folders expect to see titles that are clear. There are two main parts to this property. The text quality of the title and the message quality. Let me discuss each in detail.

o Text quality In terms of text quality, most readers expect the text of your custom folders to have clear and easy to understand font styles. This means that you should not use very intricately designed or wild style fonts. Most readers want to see fonts that are simple and easy to read. Of course, you should not settle for common fonts like Arial though. Any Sans Serif font styles that are appropriate for headlines should be enough. There are plenty of free fonts on the Internet, so you should have no trouble there.

o Message quality To have clear titles, most readers also expect that the message quality be appropriate for custom folder titles. This means that your message or title must be really short, with as few words as possible. The message must be direct to the point detailing what a reader expects inside the custom folder, while at the same time identifying the significance of the whole print. So make sure you think about your folder title carefully and use the shorted and most detailed title as possible.

Clear images Most readers also expect very clear images in most presentation folders. Again, there are two main elements that make for a clear and professional image for folder printing.

o Image quality The image quality refers to the actual resolution and detail of the images. Readers of course will always want to see images that look very sharp and clear in color folders. That is why it is important to use high resolution images when you are printing folders. Higher resolutions mean better chances of images looking sharp and clear, helping readers see the better picture.

o Image clarity Image clarity in this occasion basically refers to how clear the images message is to readers. Does the logo, symbol or photograph communicate the right message or emotion that you need, or not? Readers should only need a few moments to understand what the image is communicating. This helps them see the whole importance of the custom folder and the contents immediately without having to read some of the materials inside. So make sure you choose the right images.

Quality paper Finally, readers expect quality paper materials in folder printing. The smoother and the more glossy the material is, the more impressed most readers become. So always try to ask your folder printer for the best materials that you can afford.

So those are the things that readers want to see in their presentation folders. Make sure you have all of this in your own custom folders before folder printing.

Steve J. Perkins is a specialist of brochure printing and is also a graphic designer. For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Presentation Folders and Folder Printing

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