We Want Ebooks for Libraries

Ever wonder what your library would look like if you just bought ebooks? In this video, we show the problem – your library can’t get most books in an ebook f…
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Please go to http://www.ebooksforlibraries.com and fill out our petition today! To All Book Publishers: We are your customers. We buy your print books, your …
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9 Responses to We Want Ebooks for Libraries

  1. Daniel Mull says:

    - also since it’s e-books and not real books, there’s no trip to the library necessary, just a simple download). The author and publisher would earn less and less until they’re making less than minimum wage, and their earnings would eventually diminish to almost zero! Authors would stop writing and publishers would stop putting out books. If? your proposal reaches its logical end, there’d be hardly any new books to read ever again! Do you even know simple economics?

  2. Daniel Mull says:

    Good God is it so hard to understand? If you’re a library an e-book never wears out! If the? license didn’t run out after 26 reads then you would never have to replace the e-book and everybody would decide to start getting their books for free from libraries (everybody would do this with real books too only that most people don’t want to handle books that were read by tons of people before them, not an issue with their e-book reader

  3. Jill Minor says:

    Terrific job of explaining the dilemma clearly in layperson’s terms. I’m not sure whether, absent legislation in support of fair and reasonable terms for? ebook ownership by public libraries (which in most cases are government entities, after all) for the public commons, there will be a decent solution to this problem. If this doesn’t happen, our best hope for future ebook ownership is with the authors themselves.

  4. Elround4 says:

    You could use public domain none DRMed ebooks like Project Gutenberg does (they invented the ebook in 1971). DRM and publisher licencing might make most modern day ebooks a major problem? for archiving; in terms of rights, ease of editing/revisions by the publisher and/or author, and future access to what will later be dead format.

    Some self-published authors like J.A. Konrath are offering to sell their ebooks to libraries–he gave a library in Texas none DRMed ones).^^

  5. muskndusk says:

    What about the OverDrive system in the UK? Also,? classics should be free, but the reader would be able to download those from elsewhere.

  6. Elround4 says:

    What about getting books? from self-publishers as well?

  7. Jermaine Nicholson says:

    get? paid to read eBooks watch the video on the youtube channel to learn more.

  8. Jill Collins Brown says:

    Signed? the petition. Long live libraries!

  9. ZeroGrowth says:

    Just signed? the petition.

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