Want to Remove Google Redirect Virus?

Once your computer get Google redirect virus, you cannot search information on Google and redirect to another page with unrelated advertisements, pop-ups and links to other malicious websites. So if you want to get rid of this malware, read on this article.


How Google Redirect Virus Spreads?

It is a very hard question however it is very likely that you have visited a malicious website. Some on-line criminals have created this virus and they are distributing it via video files, music, screen savers and other similar stuff.


Lately, if you have downloaded and installed something from an untrusted source, you can be sure that this is why your computer is infected. This trojan will redirect the browser to malicious websites or other search engines without your permission and leave you surprised.


How Google Redirect Virus Harms My Computer

We use Google daily for searching on Internet and If we can not use it, It will almost halt our daily operations. On the top of that, when you’ll be redirected to other websites, it is very likely that your system will get infected with other rogue anti-virus software which will cause way more trouble to you and they are very stubborn to remove from your computer.


Apart from that, Google redirect virus will slow down your computer and you may find it very hard to work on your computer because this virus will show pop-ups every now and then and try to redirect you to a malicious sites. You will not be able to use Google’s natural functionality until you remove this virus.


Google Redirect Virus Removal Instructions

If you’re looking to remove this virus manually, it might be very hard. It may create a different file names every time and it is not same for every person. So in this situation, there may not be any definitive manual steps to remove this virus. However you might try below mentioned steps to see if this works for you otherwise it is highly recommended that you use automatic removal tools.


Please try these manual steps:

A. Please go to C–>Windows–>System32–>Drivers–>etc folder.
B. In this folder, you’ll find a file named “Hosts”
C. Please right click on this file and open it in notepad
D. Now delete all the lines of IP addresses in the text document except for “ localhost”.
E. Save the file and close it.

Now you should be able to surf Internet without any problem. You still need to get rid of several infected files from your computer, remote registry entries and un-register the DLL files. Due to the complexity of manual removal, it is highly recommended that unless you know what you are doing, you should not attempt manual removal.


Instead of removing it manually, please use automatic removal tools instead as they will remove all the infected files automatically in a few minutes. You just need to scan your computer and click on remove button to remove all the infected files. You also need to make sure that from now on you used a genuine security software so that your computer never catches such infections again.


If you are looking for a automatic Google redirect virus removal tool, I would strongly recommend this software to Remove Google Redirect Virus. Not only it will help you get rid of this virus but also protect you from other similar threats in future.

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