Use Calibre plugins to deDRM Kindle ebooks for use in iBooks

Calibre is a great ebook library manager. I’ll show how to take your Kindle ebooks purchased from Amazon and load them into iBooks on your iPhone or iPad. Wi…

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38 Responses to Use Calibre plugins to deDRM Kindle ebooks for use in iBooks

  1. smartypantswastaken says:

    Worked like a charm, even for this technically-challenged reader.? :)
    Very helpful info/tutorial. Thanks!

  2. EagleFeatherUSA says:

    Thanks this just what I needed!?

  3. RawR Fest says:


  4. nishantkumar19 says:

    I have the exact same? problem. :(

  5. David Furphy says:

    Thank? you

  6. MedievalMemory says:

    You’re terrific? at explaining this material. :-)

  7. shaniyyy says:

    Thanks, I just? did this now, worked perfectly!

  8. David Furphy says:

    According to Apprentice Alf, who’s tools are used in? the video
    “There has been no recent change to Amazon’s DRM system that stops the tools from working with Kindle ebooks.

    The last change was to the Kindle iOS application, when Apple stopped developers using the iOS device’s UUID. Currently the tools will not remove the DRM from Kindle ebooks downloaded to an iOS device.

    But they certainly do work with ebooks downloaded to any eInk Kindle, or to Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC.”

  9. David Furphy says:

    Hi battistimo, I’m interested in any more more details you have. When you say “the latest AZW encryption”, how recent do you mean? Do you have any links or sources for when or how the encryption has changed and how widespread is its use? I have been successful with some recently purchased books.

    Does anyone else have? insights on this?

  10. batterista says:

    Great, but doesn’t work. Can’t handle the latest? AZW encryption.

  11. MrsDAucoin says:

    This was so incredibly helpful!! Thanks? SO much!

  12. threecanal says:


  13. Daniel Silverberg says:

    I’ve also followed all the? steps and installed the plug-in, but have not been able to convert any of my kindle books to Epub. Get the same message as TheNjoachim about the DRM. Any ideas? Thanks!

  14. David Furphy says:

    TheNjoachim and others having problem with some azw files,

    You might want to check out Alf’s has updated toolkit. He says “Just updated to 5.6.1. This is a bug fix release, fixing some problems with the Windows DeDRM, and some minor bug in handling of Kindle and old PalmDoc files.”
    Make sure you delete the old plugins before? you install the new version.

  15. David Furphy says:

    1992ipodlover, Alf’s toolkit does? NOT work for iBooks DRM. He has a post on his blog with the heading “Apple and ebooks: iBookstore DRM and how to remove it”

  16. Toran Amatya says:

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  17. Steingrímur Jón Guðjónsson says:

    Thanks for the? help! Very professional video

  18. hiro8128 says:

    Hi. This seems to work well. I tried this with a few book,? but one of them won’t work. Same error as benjamin colin is having.

  19. supaskunk1111 says:

    Hi thanks for the video! But i have a problem, i have followed your instructions to the word but still the AZW3 file wont unlock, or the DRM is still on. I keep getting the error : No key found in 4 keys? tried. Any ideas?

  20. David Furphy says:

    Thanks Hurschti97. ? I agree, a similar solution for iBooks would be great but Alf’s tool set doesn’t handle their DRM. For me that’s a good reason to be buying on Amazon. If you find a good solution let us know.

  21. Hurschti97 says:

    Tanks for that awesome Video. But Is it also possible to Remove the iBook-DRM an Transfer it to the amazon-kindle? If yes, it would be great if you could make a Video about it. Happy New? year!!!

  22. Dickie Lad says:

    Great guide, I’ll give it a? whirl later :-)

  23. waywardbard says:

    I? am too.

  24. silverbright75 says:

    I agree, It’s probably not installed right. Macs can be tricky – like wriggley 05 stated “mac? opens zip files automatically and Calibre needs them zipped”. I’d make sure you have the most current version of the tools and follow the AA Blog’s directions for installing on a Mac. You’ll see it listed as “DeDRM Application for Mac OS X 10.4 and above” on the right in Posts.

  25. writeebook says:

    Thanks for your comment. Sounds like a fun book!? Adobe PDFs let you embed video. You can always use a clickable picture as well to point to a video.

  26. weebeejaminn says:

    Thanks for putting together this video. Hope to see you in Hawaii as it? is my favorite place in the world!

  27. Raw420Films says:

    I’m currently writing my eBook in the text edit format as I don’t have the software just yet. My book is called “Confessions of a Rock N Roll Cameraman” about my years in the late 80′s/early 90′s filming bands in Hollywood with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Bad Religion, and Nine Inch Nails to name just a few. Can I incorporate my youtube video’s in my eBook? I’m certain there are at least 100? people that would buy it.Thank you so much for the info here too

  28. SpellsTruth says:

    Thank you. You are so sweet. Will check you out to? see some of your books.

  29. Jabiafive says:

    Thank you this was? very informative!

  30. JasonJGallant says:

    nice video. You’re a nice person! congrats on the? success. I have written a few books, one is on kindle as a fiction novel, and the other is a paperback on the enlightenment process. Your info is very helpful, and you deserve the success you’re getting because I’m sure your work has helped a lot of people. :)

  31. Faith François says:

    You’re amazing!! Thanks so much for a fact filled sharing of solid tips that could only come from someone that walks the walk. And? thanks also, for sharing a taste of Hawaii:)

  32. Valarie Johnson says:

    Wonderful Advice!! thank you? for sharing! You are a HIT!

  33. Alphonsus Tobin says:

    I think you’re wonderful. Lots? of great info. Thank you.

  34. Dennis Persaud says:

    You are the Best and most? of all you look like my Mon …

  35. hedegaard8 says:

    Is the lady in the video the one who has earned over $1m ? I hope so, she seems like a really nice person and I’d wish she’d made that money instead of some? blood-sucking New Yorkian wallstreet schmuck……

  36. Tania Warren says:

    Thank you? for sharing

  37. Tony Cicatko says:

    I have a book already written “The one? minute message” the Market is to preachers and ministers to get winning messages that are biblicaly based. it is a smaller market but how may i reach them? thanks

  38. yellow318 says:

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing.? (Genuine)

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