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To the traditional paper-based publications and online media center to select a preferred way of reading you, I am afraid that different people have different choices, even if the same person at different times will have different choices, so many people are so produce the “two equal shares” conclusion. However, “dogs fight, play off” and the other focused on the advantages of one of the two Electronic Books operators quietly around in them, with consists of the popular book market. Read the market, “the three pillars” of the pattern is taking shape. Beijing Chinese Studies

contemporary culture media company like Sun Jian was a man reading a paper publication. He said he likes the kind of ink at the trace of incense suffused Paper Read books piled up in the sense of taste. Especially in reading classical Chinese literature or prose, poetry is even more need for such an atmosphere. If the line read books of this type will not feel a thing.

In his view, although the rise of network literature in recent years, e-books become very popular, but it can not replace people like paper books. Analogy he said: access to information from the network and access to knowledge from books, one like to eat fast food, enjoy the color, flavor and taste like a nutritional meal, a simple consumer demand is met, the other is to meet the spiritual needs.

Reporter learned that many people like to go to the library, like Sun Jian Tao Shu, every book market or bookstore discounts, as they would like to buy at several festivals, at home, put on a shelf . Quietly watching them is a pleasure.

Paper book of course has its unique advantages, but with the progress of the times, the original “Big Stock” situation, after all, gone forever.

This is the traditional publications have to face a situation.

Dragon Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Bo Xiao Cao regional manager is a stylish young man, he likes to surf the web feeling. He said the modern study, study, or how? Reading should have music accompaniment, have visual impact, so that it can read the feeling. He introduced himself to obtain information is the main channel network. For example to check what information you want to see what books, a search on the Internet, everything. “Why go to bookstores to roll and so the efficiency is too low.” Xiaocao said.

Clearly Xiaocao say most young people now feel. An Internet media company has said, this is the current momentum of rapid development of digital media, the main reason, because this kind of reading to please the vast majority of young people.

“In addition to these two ways of reading, are there a third way to integrate these two specialties of reading?” Has received “paper window electronic reading system,” Patent Development Ltd of Hong Kong hongyuan people Qiu Yan Wei, laughing, of course, this is the e-books. He believes that the existing paper-based e-books Print Product characteristics, but also online book fast, convenient, high capacity characteristics, combined with the two e-book industry will be the rise of the third way of reading. With the gradual industrialization of e-book industry, it will work with traditional printed media with the network consists of reading the market.

Exhibition halls, several vendors showcased electric paper books. Shenzhen Cultural Industry Co., trade volumes in the new product is a kind of electric paper books, it is to thin, high capacity to win more favor. Reporters on the scene saw the size of the product and general books similar to the thickness of less than 1 cm, on such a “gadget” but can be easily installed under the 20 000 books, which means that a small library can hides in his pocket carry away.

Some units started to study how to graft on a real paper book “electronic brain.” Hong Kong HONG Yuan Development Co., Ltd. launched the “Window on paper.” At the Fair site, although on paper there is no product launch window, but because ideas advanced, or to attract many people’s interest.

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