Tips on How to Write an Ebook


Make it easy to read. Most people read an Ebook on their computer screen, so break up your paragraphs and have lots of white space in between blocks of text. This makes it easier on the eye. Use a size font (14) and keep your margins wide, so your text is delivered in fairly narrow, easy to read blocks.  

Use plenty of titles and sub-titles to break it up. Use this book as an example. I have used lots of headings, sub-headings, and bolded titles for a reason. It makes it easier for you to follow and skim.  

Don’t use exotic fonts and lots of busy graphics. You are delivering information, so don’t distract the reader. Research has shown that the best fonts for reading online are Verdana, Georgia and Arial. For headlines, I prefer to use Tahoma bold.  

Keep it ‘Evergreen’. Be careful not to date your work with many topical references. You want to keep your Ebook as ‘evergreen’ as possible, so it can continue to sell years from now. If your Ebook is about a very topical issue that changes on a regular basis, don’t worry, you can always go back to the original and make the adjustments.  

Keep the Reader Engaged. Remember to put  ’Action Points’ or ‘Exercises’ for the reader to engage in. This keeps them stimulated and interested.  

Set a deadline. It’s easy to let this part drag out. Procrastination is a time killer. Don’t let that happen to you. Set a reasonable deadline for your first draft and final draft and stick to it. I have been known to clean out my refrigerator rather than write some days! This is a common writers’ flaw. The truth is, you can’t always have days filled with drive and inspiration. Sometimes, you just have to grind it out, you’ll be glad you did when the book is done.  

You don’t need expensive software. Most Ebooks are created as PDF documents. You can download a free trial at AdobeAcrobat. If you use a Mac, simply create a PDF out of print mode.  

Get some Images. You can spice up your Ebook by using a few graphics to help illustrate your niche. For example if you are writing about tips on how to save money, you can use pictures of money notes, piggy banks and coins. Don’t go overboard, but use a few tastefully selected images to complement your text. Always make sure you use Copyright Free images, or get permission from the original artist/photographer. I like to use Getty images and Clipart for my images.  

Ebook Cover. Most web designers will create a simple, but effective Ebook cover as part of the sales page. If they don’t, you can use Guru and Elance to find many Designers who will create a cover quickly and inexpensively for you. This is also great for promoting your Ebook on other sites such as your website or Blog.

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