Tibco TB0-103 Free ebook

Tibco TB0-103 Free ebook

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Tibco Businessworks 5.x TB0-103 Test


QUESTION 1Which two installation modes prompt the user for information during the install process?(Choose two.)

A. GUI modeB. Silent modeC. Console modeD. Unattended modeE. Remote administration mode

Answer: A,C

QUESTION 2What are the three benefits of BusinessWorks Process Engines using HTTP(S) forrun-time initialization? (Choose three.)

A. HTTP(S) does not use multicast for failover.B. The Process Engine advertises state over HTTP(S).C. HTTP(S) may be used in conjunction with firewall security.D. HTTP(S) allows direct, point-to-point access to the administration server.E. HTTP(S) does not span network segments automatically and is therefore more secure.F. HTTP(S) does not require additional network bridging software, making it simpler toset up.

Answer: C,D,F

QUESTION 3What, if any, are the restrictions of using the TIBCO Administrator GUI via a secondaryserver?

A. There are no restrictions.B. The only restriction is that you cannot deploy applications from a secondary server.C. You cannot perform any monitoring or management functions using the GUI until thesecondary server is changed to READWRITE.D. You cannot perform user management, deploy applications, or perform any otheractivity for which READWRITE access is required.

Answer: D

QUESTION 4What are four options for creating a TIBCO team building environment? (Choose four.)

A. PerforceB. file sharing/lockingC. Visual SourceSafe TB0-103

D. TIBCO XML CanonE. TIBCO SmartMapperF. TIBCO Adapter cross referencing

Answer: A,B,C,D

QUESTION 5A BusinessWorks application you are developing uses JMS messaging where themessages only reside on the local campus. How should you implement conversation levelsecurity?

A. You can define the connection used by the message producers and consumers to useSSL. You also need to provide the appropriatecertificates.B. You can define the message producers and consumers to use PGM which encrypts allmessage content. You must also provide theappropriate certificates.C. You can define the connection used by the message producers and consumers to use aVPN. The network security administrator mustconfigure this for you.D. You need to write a Java code activity to perform encryption (decryption) of the databefore giving it to the message producer (or after gettingfrom the message consumer).

Answer: A

QUESTION 6A new integration initiative in your department requires that both a test domain and aproduction domain be set up for your system integration staff. Due to heightenedsecurity, it is essential that all aspects of the environments be completely segregated.Which three actions must you take to achieve this? (Choose three.)

A. install test and production TIBCO Administrator servers on machine AB. ensure that all Message Service Bus components are installed on a single networksubnetC. ensure that each TIBCO BusinessWorks component belongs to only one appropriatedomainD. ensure the TIBCO Runtime Agent network traffic for each domain is limited to asingle network subnetE. install a test TIBCO Administrator server on machine A and a production TIBCOAdministrator server on machine BF. ensure that the Message Service Bus naming conventions and settings are separate fortest and production domains

Answer: C,E,F TB0-103

QUESTION 7You want to use a host system to run deployed BusinessWorks process engines. Whichtwo products must be installed on this host? (Choose two.)

A. Sun Java JREB. TIBCO DesignerC. TIBCO AdministratorD. TIBCO Runtime AgentE. TIBCO BusinessWorks

Answer: D,E

QUESTION 8What is a restriction on the consumption of JMS queue messages?

A. The JMS queue message consumers cannot use selectors.B. There can only be one active consuming client per JMS queue.C. A single JMS queue message can only be consumed by one client.D. The limit of how many clients can consume a single JMS queue message isdetermined by the prefetch configuration.

Answer: C

QUESTION 9What is used to add a host machine to a TIBCO Administrative Domain?

A. corporate LDAPB. TIBCO Domain UtilityC. TIBCO Administrator GUID. TIBCO Administrator Installer

Answer: B

QUESTION 10Which is a valid technique for preventing unauthorized users from triggering a processflow?

A. lock down all process flows using transport specific security mechanismsB. lock down the Starter activity at the transport level via transport specific securityC. supply a User ID and password when logging into a BusinessWorks Process EngineD. prevent each BusinessWorks process flow from unauthorized access by assigning arole to it

Answer: B

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