The Stieg Larsson Trilogy: The Readers Are Asking For More

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is the first book of the trilogy penned by Stieg Larsson. It was he who introduced the world readers to Lisbeth Salander, the brilliant computer hacker who doesn’t mind using violence to achieve what she wants. She doesn’t have any faith in the authorities, since she herself is a victim of their practices.

Her Father Is a Russian Defector


Her father is a Russian defector who is very important for the state and national security, so important that even his history as a wife beater and abuser is ignored. Lisbeth Salander was declared insane at the age of 13 since it was feared she would blow the cover of her father. The abuse of legal power is developed more in the next book, The Girl who Played with Fire, which also deals with how she avenges what she went through. The book ends with rough justice everywhere and the climax has a mind boggling shootout in which Lisbeth Salander is buried alive.

Everything Is Laid Bare


In the next title The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, Lisbeth Salander is in intensive care, and her father is also fighting for his life due to wounds given to him by his own daughter. The way the Swedish Secret Police works is depicted clearly and the way the newspapers work in the country is also laid bare. The book reiterates the point that words can be a brute force, and it is done through the Lisbeth Salander’s companion, Mikael Blomkvist.

Is the Climax Satisfactory?


Since this is the climax of the Trilogy, the readers will definitely discuss whether it was satisfying or not. The story developed by Stieg Larsson is complicated, clever and moral at the same time. The book deals with some vital questions such as whether the forces against Lisbeth Salander will succeed or not, or will Mikael Blomkvist and Salander will ever become close again. Another question that is closely examined is the way the society deals with the people it cannot understand. The twists and turns created in the book by Stieg Larsson mean the readers are never sure whether Lisbeth Salander will make it to the courtroom or not.

Women Are Equal Players


Stieg Larsson has treated the characters in such a way the women appear as equal players throughout all the volumes – unlike other novels, they are not just glamorous objects or victims. Lisbeth Salander remains an enigma most of the time due to her refusal to accept help even when she sorely needs it. It will be, however, difficult for the readers if they have not read the earlier volumes before starting with the final volume since it starts just after where the second volume ended.

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