The Iphone 4 In White Provides Ibooks For Readers

The iPhone 4 in White offers iBooks for readers who want to download any of the thousands of electronic books on offer via the app which is preinstalled. The handset also now features a front facing camera in addition to its rear facing one, allowing you to make video calls with just a tap of the multi-touch screen.

The handset has the App Store and iTunes offering you endless downloads of new apps for the phone, or new music and videos for the integrated iPod. Meanwhile, it now also features iBooks which offers thousands of electronic books for you to choose from too, all in the ePub file format. Apps can now be collected together in Folders allowing you to have less screens of individual apps, and making it easier to find them. Additionally, the Spotlight universal search engine also helps you to quickly find an App by entering its name on the onscreen keypad.

The iPhone 4 has a Retina multi-touch display offering a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, and a staggering 960 by 640 screen resolution, the highest currently on the market. The multi-touch technology allows you to use variant finger movements including tapping, swiping and double tapping to use features or control apps, such as games. The display is now covered by stronger engineered glass than its predecessor models, and the casing is also stronger and now finger-mark resistant, while the phone is protected further with a stainless steel band surround.

The handset has a 5 megapixel camera which is rear-facing for photos and High Definition video recording, while it also provides a front facing VGA camera for self-portrait shots and video calling. The main rear facing camera is also now supported by an LED flash for light enhancement in poor light conditions. Videos and photos can be shared instantly with friends via the wealth of apps on the handset available for download, including Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, while YouTube is preinstalled for video sharing and entertainment from the millions of other videos on there. Videos and photos can also be individually accessed by their respective shortcut icons on the home screen also.

The iPhone 4 in White is a powerful handset offering a great 5 megapixel camera and flash for video and photo capture, in addition to its many apps which offer ebooks for reading, music and videos to watch and listen to as you go, gaming and more.

iPhone 4 White

iPhone 4

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