The first step to getting into large scale conversion of e-books

With smaller flats and no room for extensive book storage digitizing your library is increasingly the wiser option. With a host of user friendly, creditable e-book readers in the market it is definitely the future of the written word.


An e-book does not need a large printing machine or paper; it also does not need a large market and gross sales to be profitable. They are easy to distribute and store and the greatest thing about them is that need never go out of print. So finding the title of your choice is really now a matter of a download or at most an email.


Are you an avid reader professionally or purely as a recreation? Then one of the modern skills that you must know is how to convert ebooks. By learning the simple steps that will turn your humongous tome into kilobytes of information you will change the way you interact with books altogether. Soon you won’t be driving to a bookstore but rather browsing leisurely on the internet and downloading what you want. Books previously confined to university libraries will now be at your fingertips to access and read at your leisure.


So if you want to convert ebooks where would you start? The first step is to find software or a converter webpage that works for you. This software will enable you to convert your scanned or text documents into e-book reader formats.


The first step in converting ebooks is to scan the pages of the book using a high resolution scanner or to have them digitized by having somebody actually key them in. If they have been scanned run all the text pages through an OCR software which will then convert them to text. If you want to convert an audio book into an e-book find software that will convert voice into text.


Whatever process you use you are going to have to go through a long process of rigorous proof checking to ensure that the converted ebook is error free. Once you are sure use your software to convert the file into any format that will be accepted by your e-book reader. These are EPUB, LIT, FB2, MOBI and PRC. If you are using OCR software then first convert the file into a text format like TXT, RTF, and DOC and then convert to any e-book format.

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