The Ebook Revolution Is Here!

The Ebook Revolution Is Here!

Electronic books or ebooks as they are commonly known, are “books” published in digital format. Files that you can immediately download to your computer or just save on your desktop. Green publishing. Instant information. Now any author can publish! You can shop virtual book stores at any time of the day or night and have the information you need instantly.

You might be wondering “Why would I buy information when everything is available for free somewhere on the Internet?” Well why would anyone buy a paper book? Simply value! Your time is valuable. Yes, almost any information can be found somewhere on the Internet…but you have to do the hours of work. Searching, Sifting, then compiling all that information and that takes a lot of time and effort. After all that work you may not find exactly what you’re looking for anyway. You buy information, whether digital or on paper because of value. Exactly what you’re looking for when you need it. Someone else has done the research, the writing, and organizing of the information you need now. That’s value!

Another big plus for ebooks:

Ebooks can be multimedia! If you’re looking for lessons, like guitar, voice or even cooking, you will find ebooks that incorporate audio, video and pictures in addition to the written part of the book. Think of the possibilities! For example, if you’re a parent or a teacher…

A teaching program has been created, lets say math or reading lessons for young children using multimedia. You buy the ebook or eprogram and use it to teach your child or students. Now kids who don’t learn as well from audio lessons, have visual help too. If the student learns better through reading, there it is. All learning styles are supported. Yes, a teacher might have the ability to create their own ebook, but if they don’t have the time or inclination to make videos, create audio, and write the ebook, the one time purchase of an ebook or program already done will be a godsend and can be used year after year for one low cost! That’s value!

Music lessons are another perfect example. Audio, video, print. All combined to help you learn. Sure, if you want to learn the piano you will no doubt find free videos on YouTube, or posted somewhere on the Internet, but how good are they really? Or you can pay . (or more) for each private lesson. However, if you can get a beautifully put together, comprehensive, structured lesson plan that will take you through the process of learning with audio, videos and printed lessons that you can review again and again for under bucks…well, that’s value!

There are ebooks written on every subject imaginable. From cooking to home remedies. Lessons, directions, information.The information you need when you need it. Another great thing about ebooks is, when purchased through a responsible third party such as Clickbank your purchase is always guaranteed and can be refunded if you find the information is not what you need, or you feel it’s not useful. It’s much harder to return a printed book to a major bricks and mortar bookstore if it can be returned at all.

Ebooks are an exciting new way to learn what you want and need to know. Epublishing is opening up amazing possibilities to writers looking to publish. A wave of creativity and knowledge is coming our way!

Kristin Alexander is a writer, web designer and works in marketing.
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