The Differences Between EPUB And PDF

95% of popular eBook reader devices and apps support ePub and PDF by default, except Kindle series. From this fact we can figure out how important these 2 formats are. But do you really know the most significant characteristic of them? Here are the comparison:


Deliver text and images, but no layout.

Why? Because EPUB is on earth a zip file contains HTML and XML documents, and we all know, when you are browsing the web pages, the content’s position will reflow to suit your browser window’s size. That’s why the ePub books will automatically change the pattern to suit your screen size. And here also comes the problems. When the ePub contains tables and graphics, it will mess up. For intance, when you change your reading device from portrait mode to landscape mode, the pattern will reflow, and accidently a table is at the bottom and it can only show half of it on this page, what will it do? It cannot judge the situation smartly, and the result can only be a mess.

You can resize text and change the style of it.
Because of  the characters of HTML and CSS, we can easily change the font size and font family by CSS, but it is not possible for PDF files.
You can highlight text and look up words
This is the most important feature for ePub in my opinion. Because we can choose the words, we can highlight the splendid sentences; wecause we can choose the words, we can take notes on the important places; because we can choose the words, we can look up the define of the words we don’t know. All in all, all the important funcional feature are based on this character.


Reproduce a printed page exactly
This is most important reason when people choose PDF while not ePub. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, an ePub file with tables and graphics will mess up when it re-flow to suit the screen, but it definitely won’t happen to PDF files. 
PDF is the ONLY format which can 100% reappear the original appearance. 
You can zoom in/out to see text or images clearly
If you are reading an ePub book, you have no way to zoom in the image if you want to see it clearly, but PDF can. 
As a conclusion, even though most of digital publishers choose “ePub” as the default edition format, but sometimes, you still need PDF for its unique advantages. If you have some books in ePub what want to turn those ePub files to PDF, here is the free method to do this.

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