The Basics Of Reading Programs For Struggling Readers

There are many reading programs for struggling readers. According to many of the state tests that are provided to students on an annual basis, a heavy decline in reading skills is being displayed among students of all ages. This is a heavy concern among those that focus on providing an education to students as well as the parents of those students. Reading programs are designed to renew interest in the art of reading and are built based on research that has been accelerated in order to quickly address the needs of our children in today’s world. Throughout this guide, you will learn the basics of reading programs for struggling readers.

Basic Skills

In order to become a successful reader, a student must acquire certain basic skills. If these skills are not obtained, it is likely that the student will struggle consistently with not only reading, but also with basic grammar and communication skills. First, a child must know and understand that there are letters and that these letters create the basic alphabet that is used to create all of the words that we use. They must have an understanding of the fact that each letter represents a sound and that when used in conjunction with other letters, they have the capability of producing unique sounds. The child must understand that words are a collaboration of the sounds that may be created from the individual letters of the alphabet. Reading programs for struggling readers assist in developing and expounding on these basic skills.

Core Components of Reading Programs

There are several core components of reading programs for struggling readers. The following outlines these components:

* The program works to provides reading models to students through the means of direct and/or indirect means, immediately followed by a comprehensive explanation of the models in order to reach the student on an intellectual level so that the lessons may bring new awareness to the student.
* Reading programs offer students many different opportunities to practice the skills that they have acquired while engaging in the program. This provides students with the ability to take personal responsibility for their individual success. Once the success is evident, most reading programs for struggling readers provide a means of reward so that the confidence of the child is increased.
* Reading programs often have a feedback system in place so that the child’s accomplishments may be outlined and their failures may be built upon. The feedback is most often considered to be both productive and positive as the purpose is to motivate and encourage the individual that is struggling with their reading skills and other types of communication skills.


There are many different reading programs for struggling readers available in today’s world. Reading is a core and essential element to a person’s success – not just on an educational level, but also on a personal and professional level – throughout their entire life. If you are a parent or an educator, it is important that you consider incorporating reading programs into the life of the child that is having a difficult time developing this particular skill. Most programs are considered to be inexpensive and come with a high level of support. Check out the reading programs for struggling readers today and watch the life of a child that struggles to read change tomorrow.

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