Stitch of Courage Tells a Woman’s Point of View about Quantrills Raid

Lindsborg, Kansas (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

As we observe the 150th anniversary of the Quantrills Raid on Lawrence, Kansas we remember the families caught in the terror of the raid and the aftermath of living in a burned-out town without their menfolk. The updated book Stitch of Courage by Linda K. Hubalek portrays the women left at home during this raid and Civil War, worrying about the family members that were in the midst of these fights.

This historical fiction book, Stitch of Courage, the third book in the Trail of Thread series, is based on true stories of the author’s Kennedy ancestors and written in the form of letters that draw you into the emotions of a young woman during these turbulent times. Some of the Kennedy family was in Lawrence during Quantrills raid, and were in the chase posse that followed the massacre.

“In letters to her sister, Maggie Kennedy Pieratt describes how she and her female relatives bravely fight to protect their families at home while their men fought in skirmishes around the state,” said author Linda Hubalek.

The women had to feed their families, and keep the farms and businesses going while their providers and protectors were away. Through the story’s narrative you feel the uncertainty, doubt and danger faced by these pioneer women as they defend their lives and property, and pray for their men during the Civil War.

The series starts out with family traveling to Kansas for land, and then becoming involved in the Civil War. The first book, Trail of Thread, follows the Pieratt family on their wagon train trip from Kentucky to Kansas. The second book, Thimble of Soil, follows the Kennedy family from Ohio as they get caught up in the Bleeding Kansas era when they homestead in Lawrence, Kansas near the Pieratts. The third book, Stitch of Courage, shows how the Civil War affects both families, especially when Quantrills raiders hit their town.

Even though the Trail of Thread books were written for the general adult audience, they are appropriate for school children too. Students become involved in the stories, giving them a timeline of when homesteaders traveled and settled in Kansas, and then the problems the people faced as troubles escalated into the Civil War. Maps and family charts in the books make history and the characters come alive to the students, and help teachers form lesson plans, said Ms. Hubalek.

Engaging students and keeping them interested in studying history can be a challenge, especially on the subject of the Civil War. Teachers are using all of Hubaleks updated Trail of Thread book series to carry students back in time for a compelling history lesson on the Civil War period.

For stories about the pioneer woman’s perspective of the Civil War, please be sure to read Linda K. Hubaleks historical fiction books, Stitch of Courage, Trail of Thread and Thimble of Soil.

Hubaleks historical fiction books (also in eBook form) are available through library and school book wholesalers, in stores, or online at,, or through the publisher at

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Author Linda K. Hubalek writes books about the pioneer women who made Kansas their home. Her books are published by Butterfield Books Inc. and they include the Trail of Thread, the Butter in the Well, and the Planting Dreams series.

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