Sell Your Pet Products and Services on EBay

Sell Your Pet Products and Services on EBay

Article by Kelly Marshall

Every day hundreds of people are online, ready to buy now, with accounts already set up, credit card accounts already established and linked up with eBay. And they could be ready to buy your pet products and services. Are you ready to sell there?

To help see if eBay is a place you want to be, consider the following points:

1) You can subscribe to eBay’s Marketplace Research with a Fast Pass, good for two days, or one of two types of monthly subscriptions. With this research tool you enter keywords like those of your products; for example, airline approved dog carriers. Then click and see how many auctions ran recently with those items in them, how much people bid, how many people bid and more. Save your searches and compare notes to start your own auctions with.

2) Start with what you can budget. Later grow into an eBay store as funds allow. Click on their Site Map at the bottom of any page, then head to the middle column, for sellers. Click links to review their Best Practices for their rules and regulations on what you can sell and what you can’t (example: you cannot sell animals on eBay.) If you have concerns about your own products and services, go through their Help of Community links at the top of most pages and see if you can sell dog food storage containers, for example, or other items in question.

3) Get help real fast by reviewing their software that helps list auctions (Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro/Turbo Lister) and other helpful links there in the seller’s area. Once you make an auction for say your pet strollers or other pet items, you’ll be amazed at how the automated tool can crank out unlimited auctions for you instantly.

4) Read threads at the Community forums area for more feedback on eBay operations, tips of the eBay trade and to meet fellow sellers. Check out plenty of eBay articles and free ebook all over the web, running simple searches for “free ebay” in Google and other popular search engines. Plenty of articles packed with eBay tips are in article directories all over the web like, and

5) For help getting your own pet auctions going, look at those of competitors. Make yours different with a new twist, maybe free shipping or a special bonus. Add photos of dogs using your products. Add testimonials from satisfied shoppers.

6) Review eBay’s Marketing Tools, available by clicking the so-named link in the left-hand column of you’re My eBay area. You can set up an ezine (online newsletter) about your pet products, invite auction visitors to sign up for it and announce your specials to them, you can cross-promote and more.

Ebay has ezines that you can sign up for to get free info regularly to help sellers. Sign up for these! Plus if you get a chance to attend a live event they host, go for it!

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