“Secret in the Dirt” Ebook Review

“Secret in the Dirt” is the first golf ebook release of what hopefully will be many more to come.

It may be a little much to say that the author, Sevam1, has revolutionized golf instruction but he has given a new spin on the traditional ebook. Sevam1 has merged traditional golf instruction in book form, with golf instruction via videos and storytelling all with done with a most entertaining personality. All of this is in his new ebook, “Secret in the Dirt”.

Not only does Sevam1′s golf instruction word well with in the written word, but he also shows the student what he means with videos embedded right into the ebook. Imagine this: you’re reading the words describing how you should be correctly placing your hands on the club and the orientation of your fingers, thumbs, wrists, etc., all the while you’re also trying to visualize exactly how this is done. More than likely you’re not quite sure if what you’ve interpreted from the author’s words is exactly what he meant. With “Secret in the Dirt” after Sevam1′s words explain how to do it, you can click on the embedded video to see exactly how to do it. There is really very little margin for error with this method.

Sevam1 covers grip, alignment, backswing, downswing, impact, etc. and does it so that it is easy to understand. The author, Sevam1, also had the opportunity to play with the great, late Moe Norman and many of the stories that go along with his instruction go back to the days he spent with Norman.

The most popular concept covered in this book is “The Move”. Sevam1 claims to have discovered the secret to Ben Hogan’s swing. The secret that Hogan said was “in the dirt”, and thus the title of Sevam1′s first book “Secret in the Dirt.” “The Move” is most interesting connection between the right foot/leg and the ground that seems to create a resistance and a force that puts your swing in a position for power and consistency.

I’ve read a number of instructional golf books and I give this one 5 stars for its instruction, videos and entertainment value.

View more about Sevam1 and “Secret in the Dirt” at http://www.HoganSecret.com

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