Review – Acne Free in 3 Days

I was rather annoyed with the 5 pages of “Other titles published” (ads) at the beginning of this book. Another thing I did not like was how the author (Chris Gibson) goes on and on about how he suffered with acne (44 pages). Types of acne are described on page 40 (if you are interested). From page 55 onwards it becomes more interesting (P55-P88). There are some interesting health facts along with foods we should not eat.

We eventually get to “Introduction to Acne Free in 3 Days” on page 88. A list of what you will need is given. Most of these items are available form your kitchen or your local grocery store. A brief summery is also given on how the program works and the health benefits (not just your face). Page 91 to 95 is the real “nuts” and “bolts” of the program. You are shown what to do and how the system works over the next 3 days.

There is a short section on acne maintenance diet to keep the acne away. Other sections are:

How to remove facial scars and how to get rid of resistant acne. A list of foods to avoid (bad acne foods) is given. Some home face-wash remedies are also given.


The following was a bad read:

First 5 pages ads

Next 44 pages too much self-pity

Some of pages 55-88 too descriptive and boring

The following was good read:

Pages 88-113

Introduction to “acne free in 3 days”

The acne free in 3 days program

Acne maintenance diet

Foods to avoid

Face-wash home remedies

Resistant acne

Remove facial scars

Is this book value for money?

Yes, especially as you could spend a fortune on special potions, lotions and pills.

You also get some useful additional books

Does it work?

Yes, for mild acne. More severe acne takes 7 to 10 days to heal. Other cases take longer to completely heal.

Would I buy it?

I already have.

For more information concerning acne and pimples you can visit:

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