Retired Major General J.F. Cronin warns of the cost of victory

KONA, Hawaii (PRWEB) September 24, 2014

The recent anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks alongside the resurgence of Islamic extremism in Iraq makes reflections on U.S. military operations and foreign policy unavoidable. The ebbing and flowing of Americas interactions with brutal theocracies causes many to look back to the jarring introduction into the war on terror and the unfolding aftershocks to see if the U.S. could have done things differently.

Looking back to that time, retired USMC Major General J.F. Cronin has written a book titled An Inconvenient War. In it, he informs readers by way of a professional breakdown of Americas introduction into the global threat of extremist jihad. More troubling than jihadists, Cronin also points to members of the U.S. government, which he says threaten American prosperity even more direly than various terror organizations.

Cronins novel is the second in a trilogy titled Duty, Honor, Money. In it, Cronin obviously draws from his own experiences. He details the struggles of good soldiers having to fight for the careers of higher leadership instead of in the interest of military effectiveness. Readers will also find other current issues being discussed by the senior military officer, such as the role of women in combat and the fratricidal problems of sexual assault, as well as what he considers to be the looming danger of the war on terror.

We will continue going to war as we have in Afghanistan and Iraq, said Cronin. Even if we dont make the same mistakes, our continued combat is going to lead to a pyrrhic victory if we succeed in those endeavors.

An Inconvenient War is a fast-paced read that gives readers insight into the mind of a two-star-general and an expert in international relations.

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An Inconvenient War

By J.F. Cronin

ISBN: 978-1-4917-3639-5

Soft Cover $ 19.95

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About the author

J.F. Cronin holds a masters degree in international relations from Salve Regina University. He served as base commander of Quantico, was chair of the Marine Reserve Policy Board and as a commanding general of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing.

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