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Reg Cleaner is one of a number of programs that can be used to clean your registry. However, before you download and start to use it, there are probably a few things you should know about the program itself.

Reg Cleaner bills itself as one of the best free registry cleaners for your computer. After having used it, I am very disappointed in the job that it did in cleaning my registry. Installing the program was the easiest part of using it. The program is rather compact, about half of a megabyte in size. However, after I installed the program and restarted my computer, the problems began. Initially I thought my computer was just having a corrupted file or program in the startup folder, however the program that was causing a string of error pop ups was Reg Cleaner! I uninstalled it and then reinstalled the program to see if it cleared the errors out of the computer. That did work, at least initially. I then backed up my registry and Reg Cleaner chimed in asking me if I was sure I wanted to do that. Kind of annoying, especially since I know what I am doing.

Once the registry was backed up, Cleaner began its scan of the registry. Unlike many other registry cleaners, this one could only scan parts of the registry at a time. Usually, this is the sign of a bad registry cleaner, however, I thought I would let it try and go ahead anyways. The first scan was quick, however, it found nothing. Repeat this five or six times. In the numerous scans I did, it only found one problem with my registry. I ran a scan with another, more trusted registry cleaner and it found eight problems within my registry.

Once the problems was detected in Reg Cleaner, it asked me if I wanted to correct the problem. I hit continue, and the entire program crashed. I had to restart the program, run the scan for that portion of the registry again and then fix the problem in order to have a clean registry. This was not only annoying, but wasted a lot of my time, considering my other registry cleaners could have solved this problem twice in the amount of time it has taken me to just use Cleaner once.

Reg Cleaner does not ask you if you want to backup your registry, and does not do it by itself. It only asks if you are sure you want to backup your registry if you open it up. Also, the features that are included with the program are rather basic, and can be found in any free trial of a registry cleaner that is much more powerful. Overall, you are much better off never using Cleaner. The program causes so many problems. Use a proven registry cleaner that will fix all of your problems without giving you a constant run around. Reg Cleaner, one of the worst registry cleaners on the internet.

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