Protect Your E-Reader With Covers And Cases

Protect Your E-Reader With Covers And Cases

You can consider yourself to be mighty lucky if you have a brand new ebook reader to flaunt this Christmas. And the next thing that you need to be wary of after having received the gadget is to provide adequate protection to it, so that there are no dents or scratches to mar your experience with this wonderful device.

When it comes to means to protect your ebook reader, there are choices galore. The best thing that you can do is to have a soft cover, sleeve, jacket or a case to safeguard your ebook readers. These can be made from leather, nylon, microfiber, memory foam or from canvas material that is also water resistant. The branded leather covers may cost you a bit more but they surely have a more refined look and feel. The softer covers might be a lot more comfortable though it all depends on one’s personal preferences and choice. And if you are used to the hard cover books, then covers that can make your Electronic Readers to look like a real book are the ones that you can go for. Also available are hard shell covers though it’s the softer shells that are more in demand.


If you travel a lot then an ebook reader case or a travel pouch might be a better option to shield your ebook reader, which can be enhanced further by additional padding like neoprene or memory foam. To have a strap for the case will be a nice thing for those who are always on the move, which will keep the reader handy.

If you are fond of the skins for your cell phones, then you might also like to have a skin for your ebook reader. These provide a cover just to the back of the ebook reader but they also act as a shield of your ebook reader up to some degree and will allow you to express yourself through a variety of appealing colors and designs. So this is another option for you for protecting your ebook reader, whether it is a Kindle or the Nook .

There is also a range of choices for those who won’t mind forking out a bit more for safeguarding their ebook readers. For them, there are the options to have their ebook protectors customized or hand-knitted to suit their tastes. Some of the more popular vendors in this field include Belkin, Bobarra, Cole Haan, M-edge, Kate Spade, Strangedog, and Stylzworld. So if you intend to buy Kindle DX or any other ebook reader that can’t exactly be considered cheap, you might well consider any of the above options.

Generally, notwithstanding your idea of ways to protect your ebook reader, the thing that you need to keep in mind is to have a clear understanding of the material and the type of padding so as to be sure that you ereader is adequately protected from the bumps and scratches that might come its way. Price too can be an important deciding factor in selecting the right cover or case. For instance, if it is a Kindle 2 that you have bought, then just a simple anti scratch LCD screen protector that does not cost more than a few dollars might well serve your purpose.

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