Project X and the Other Usual Suspects

Project X and the Other Usual Suspects

Article by Sean Redfearn

Project X and the Other Usual Suspects

Hmmm…not sure about this one. I bought it, applied the methods within, and stuff happened, but not quite the stuff I expected.

Project X and the other usual suspects; GoogleCash, Secret Affiliate Weapon, Butterfly Marketing, and many more will tell that, within seconds you will be printing gold simply by downloading their product. This speel is particularly true of the examples I have given, as they have simple yet brilliant sales pitches!

Looking at Project X’s method and watching various videos, checking out reviews etc. You can see it has nothing but good content, but some of it is simply too far advanced for little old me (and many others I am guessing). I have been doing this for some time now, and am getting the hang of landing pages, adwords, adsense, ezine ads, websites, niche sites, squeeze pages, and much much more.Maybe one month ago I wasn’t as sure as I am now about the nuts and bolts of this affiliate marketing deal, but with time, and A LOT of patience, things are gelling, I am now making more than I am spending, and I am finally seeing what all the fuss is about.

Having been an Internet Marketer for just six months, I simply did not know what some of the terms and their meanings enclosed in the Project X PDF, and other reports meant.Lots of blah and swagger is what I saw, and not clever, cunning and well explained ideas and savvy understanding as the sales pitches suggest.If I have learnt one thing from all of the ebooks I have bought, and devoured, it is this:bold claims are great, and I am sure they are being honest when they say they make 00+ per day, but these guys are the exception, and not the NORM as they would have you believe.A simple piece of logic for you: if someone maintains they make in excess of XXXX in PROFIT per day, then simply divide this by 10, and if you are still content to make that new lower amount, then carry on to the order page.

Personally I love making -0 in profit per day, it does for me, it means I don’t have to kill myself for some other guy whilst doing constant overtime for no cash, and looking very un-sexy as I sweat in a room with no AC and no fresh air – BO and a sealed room are not the best of bedfellows, and normally I am a pleasant smelling gentleman, but not recently. Hence I quit!Think about it, 0 to 0 in cash per week, that is not bad, and it can only lead to more, surely?Some genius and self appointed Guru says they make $ $ $ $ then surely if you are satisfied making 10% of that, then they are not lying to you, you are not being lied to, and you take your 10% to start with. Everyone is happy and goes home with a clear concience!

This can only get better, even if it is simply by repetition: the more you do something, the better you become at it, that is an indisputable fact. So if you start at 0 per week (after some failures and disappointments naturally), then from there, you can only build and exceed that expectation.I am not saying you will make this immediately, there is, after all a learning curve to anything, and a pretty steep one at that! But once you have the basics down, you will progress, excel, improve, and all this leads to one thing: more cash in your pocket for less spend.Go buy drink or drugs; treat your girl/boyfriend. It’s all good, and it’s all uphill (cashwise) from here.

The main key to any project or goal, internet based or not, is this: do it, take the first step, do not, do not, do not give up. Please!

I wish you the greatest of success.


Sean Redfearn has been an Internet Marketer for 6 months. He’s doin’ ok.If the information given here today has been useful then please


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Sean has managed and been the MD of various companies, in March of this year he stopped all that nonsense, and moved into Internet Marketing. It is here he still resides.

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