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A divorce never is a gratifying experience, but it may be more civilized when pre divorce agreements exist. That statement is true. Particularly the part about pre divorce agreements. The divorce situation changes -and the divorcees’ sanity is improved- when both consent to a divorce peacefully, harmoniously, and in a civilized manner. Then, they may amicably discuss how assets will be divided using pre divorce agreements.

What you will read in this article applies to the U.S.A. and Canada. It is likely that this industry is available in other countries as well. In addition, you will read about something crucial to be understood, and to see behind pre divorce agreements.

In the past, aggravations that developed prior to a divorce were the result of determining who keeps what. The situation aroused likely because a physical property -such as a home, land, vessel, or vehicle- cannot be split in half.

In those days, the spouse keeping a property promised to pay the other spouse the corresponding portion of that property. The payment takes place periodically. However, the spouse receiving the payments did not want a trickle of money flowing in periodically. Instead, that spouse preferred a large lump of money all at once. In those days, the trickle of money had to be accepted.

In this complicated and intricate but still wonderful XXI century, the aggravations and even the ugly situations can be eliminated; and being civilized and proper can still remain a way of life.

It is possible because the spouse receiving periodic payments is able to translate all those payments – or only some of them – into a large lump of money. In addition, the often arbitrary decisions judges are inclined to take are avoided because the case goes to court with an arrangement the divorcees voluntarily arrived at. As opposed to fighting in court, presenting the case in a simple way makes attorneys’ fees much less costly.

The translation of payments into a chunk of money provides post divorce financial security, but not all payments must be translated into a lump of money. Some times, it is wiser to cash in some of the payments, and allow the remaining payments to continue their periodic schedule. This is one of the benefits when there is something to work with: pre divorce agreements.

As expected, there is a number of conditions – none of which are complex and mind boggling – to be known in order to benefit from a well panned piece of paper that does good to people. Understandably, certain facts must be known to custom tailor each agreement to satisfy your requirements.

There are ways available to walk away from the bargaining table with a smile, to prevent aggravations, ugly situations, and to remain civilized and proper; but to acquire knowledge in advance is vital.

* George Josserme

* Editor-in-Chief

* Fountain of Wisdom

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