PLR Content

PLR Content

Article by Joseph L Wilson

I wanted to talk about Content and more specifically PLR Content. When I first started building websites I had heard of PLR Content but had no idea what “PLR” was! So hopefully I can shed some light on this.

The Need for Content

It wasn’t long after I had several BANS sites up and running and making a little money did I realize that I needed content! But I’m not a writer and I really don’t like to write. Even if I did, where would I get the time to write? I needed more than just affiliate links and ads on the new websites. More than that I wanted a way to keep visitors around longer or have a way to draw people to the web sites who weren’t necessarily shopping.

PLR Content

I had read about the use of PLR Content – I actually had to go to Wikipedia to find out what the “PLR” in PLR Content meant — lol. SO to spare you all – PLR Content is “Private Label Rights Content”. Basically meaning you have the right to publish the content as is, change the content, re-write the content, slap you name on the content, etc. When you buy PLR Content you buy the rights to do just about whatever you want with the content – sans resell it again as your own.. that would be Master Resell Rights.. but I’ll save that for another post.

Buyer Beware

You need to know upfront, there is some absolutely horrible PLR Content out there. Be very careful who you get your content from. Some PLR companies outsource the writing of content to non-English speaking countries and the result is less than what you may expect. Always ask for a sample article or some example of their work before buying. There are two excellent sources I have used – one is PLR PRo. These Aussie boys have got a very large PLR operation but always put out excellent PLR Content. Another writer who is excellent is Nicole Dean and EasyPLR. If neither of these folks have what your looking for you can always look out on the Digital Point Forums. There are lots of great writers out there who will come highly recommended.

Tips on PLR Content

If you decide to use PLR Content you should never post the content as is to your website. Many of the search engines check for duplicate content and if someone else has posted the same PLR article that you do you could lose serious ranking in the search engines or worse lose your indexing completely.

The bare minimum you should do when you get your content is to re-write the first and last paragraphs as well as the title the article. This is a very easy thing to do and will keep you from being penalized by Google or Yahoo for duplicate content. Also, this may sound silly but read the article before you post it to your website. You may be amazed at some of the errors you might find.

The PLR Process

If you would like to learn more about using PLR Content and the PLR process check out this free eBook from the folks at PLR PRo – The PLR Process. Its an excellent read and will cover most all part of using PLR Content on your website.

About the Author

Joseph L Wilson currently venturing into Internet Marketing and writing about what works and what doesn’t to promote your websites.

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