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The Internet is an indispensable source when it comes to information. That is a fact, but did you know that you can also satisfy your taste buds with just a click of your mouse? Yes! You read it right, especially if you are one of the many seafood lovers out there. You can now simply go online and order lobsters.

There are many online companies that supply fresh and live lobsters via orders made from their websites. They are caught fresh and delivered overnight. Unlike the measly stale ones that you often find in your local markets, these lobsters even come with fancy trimmings upon delivery. There are even other companies that give away gift certificates and the like.

Although you can order lobsters on the Net faster, easier and hassle-free, there are a couple of things that you must first take into account before you start shopping on their website.

The majority of lobsters are caught in Alaska and Maine, but there are also some that are found in Florida, the Caribbean and in Australia. The variety of lobsters found in the state of Maine is also referred to as American lobsters. This variety is more preferred as compared to the spiny ones that are usually found in balmy waters. The general impression is that lobsters caught in the cold waters are richer in taste than those found in warm waters.

The prices vary, depending on the season. During winter, usually from the month of January to March, the lobsters caught in Maine are more expensive because the cold weather makes catching them more difficult. On the other hand, the prices that you see online are reasonable, but somewhat puzzling. For example, one company will charge you with a flat rate that includes the lobster’s price and the shipping fee, while other companies will offer you with free shipping, but with an inflated rate on the price of the lobster to cover for their shipping expenses. Furthermore, there are companies that do not disclose the actual shipping charges until you are actually on the brink of completing your purchase. You must always make it a point to check the shipping fees because most of the time, it represents a large fraction of the total cost.

One more thing, before you order lobsters, check the policy of the store when it comes to refunds. Remember, lobsters are perishable. When you order lobsters online, you want them to arrive fresh and not dead, right? That is why you have to make sure that you choose a credible company.

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my article “Online Lobster Shopping.” You can order quickly online without having to make arrangements at the store, and your lobster, which will be bought at a nice savings, will arrive right when you need them. So treat yourself and Order lobster today!

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