New Online Consultant – 4 Ways to Grow Your List to Thousands Using Your E-Book

As a new consultant one of the most important tasks you will need to accomplish will be to grow your list. This task needs to be worked on daily, but first you will need to decide which of the most common strategies you will use. You cant afford to try everything, nor can you expect immediate results just because your an expert.

There are millions of experts that can be found on the internet, when you arrive on the scene your just going to be another fish in a very big stream. No amount of money, or promises are going to bring you overnight success. Now that’s not to say that you cant achieve some immediate success using an E-Product with simple and easy to use strategies, here’s 4 ways any new consultant can grow their list to thousands using their E-Book.

- Sell It – this may seem obvious but I’m not just asking you to sell your E-Book as a money maker alone. The reason to sell your script is to give it some value to the public market, you want to be able to show everyone that your E-Product is valued at xxx amount. In addition you could make some money, just remember to ask for their email before they are able to download their purchase.

- Give It Away – yes give it away, in trade for an email address, you don’t have to give it away to everyone just pick a group, company or organization and make your offer to give it to their members. Inside your E-Product you should remind them of the value of the E-Product from an expert consultant and you should have several invitations that will take them to the next step in your funnel.

- Publish It – have your E-Book published into a paperback E-Product. That’s right no matter how small or detailed your E-Product is. There is something to be said for having a book in your hand, as a matter of fact consider a package that includes a hard copy of your E-Product combined with 3 months of group coaching and a one on one personal coaching call. This begins to bring them deeper into your funnel. Having a hard copy gives your E-Product a greater perceived value, and by giving your customer the option to buy a digital or hard copy product gives you an opportunity to up-sell various packages.

- Re-purpose – create an audio version of your E-Book, video presentations, mini web sites, twitter and face-book postings etc. By doing this you will give insights in to the value of your E-Product. Now with every audio, video, and post you should invite them to your squeeze page where you can capture their emails.

Take your time and create a campaign that focuses on capturing as many emails as possible.

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