Marketing Your Ebook the Easy Way!

So you have decided on a niche and completed your first ebook product. The progress you have already made is rejuvenating, but it is nothing compared to being able to sell your product. Since it is in selling that you make your money, it will be the most rewarding as well.

Given that you wrote the E-book, you have full control of how the circulation of it is going to go. It is best if sold by you due to your inside knowledge of your topic, otherwise it would be a second hand account of the information you have worked hard to develop. Granted that this may be the first of your E-books, by the time you have written your third or fourth one, you may have already developed a loyal client base, and they may buy it for that reason alone. In the event you are too timid to publish under your own name, you can always use a pen name, which is a name authors publish under, other than their own. That will maintain your privacy and allow you the freedom to do products you may not otherwise do.

This chapter will focus on the marketing activities that you will take place in to move your product yourself. The next chapter will talk about affiliate sales and other methods, but this one is just about you. Keep in mind you could literally create your own sales avenues, as that does happen each day with new sites coming online and developing their own traffic to tap into.

The first step in marketing any product yourself really starts with the creation of your product website. It is there that all of your SEO, Pay-per-click, Article Writing and other sales strategies will be aimed so you should get it off the ground first. I do recommend having this done for you by a freelance website designer. Start off simple, with just a primary page, sales or squeeze page and contact info. You will probably be required to include a contact us page, and a privacy policy as well but most web developers have generic versions of those that they will typically throw in for free. The reason I suggest that you have a web designer is because it is a somewhat technical skill that most people simply do not have the knowledge to do, nor the patience to learn how to do. Another very valuable reason you should have someone else build your website is because it will take up a lot of your time. Between purchasing your domain name, pointing it to the right place, setting up your blog if you have one, setting up any forums you may include, you may be busy 7 of your 8 hour workday on those things alone. It is a much better use of your time to work on product development and speaking with possible affiliates as opposed to trying to fight with HTML code that isn’t always as easy as it should be.

If you do not have the money to spend on having someone else design your website then I do recommend starting with a template website, depending on your skill level. A template website is really the easiest way to create a website from scratch if you have all the other factors like hosting taken care of. To construct a template website you simply plug in the picture where you want them to be and put the text where you want it. Next, save it and publish it. It really is that easy and you have absolute, real time control over your own site.

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