jetBook Color eReader for Education. Hardware & Software Features. eBook Reader for Students.

A personal video shot by Jerry Cimadomo on his jetBook Color. He demonstrates the main features of the product and shows some of the pre-installed applicatio…

Just demonstrating two ebook readers for the iPod Touch and iPhone. I have Stanza and 3D Bookshelf. These are available from the Apps Store, Stanza is free a…
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8 Responses to jetBook Color eReader for Education. Hardware & Software Features. eBook Reader for Students.

  1. abhishekkhuntia says:

    Hi Jerry, This looks like a great device. The only question left is that of
    the digitizer used for notes taking. I have two questions. Why are we not
    allowed to export our annotated pdfs ? and Is the digitizer pressure
    sensitive for the notes ? Thanks..abhi

  2. Mugasado says:

    I like the drawing feature

  3. Luis_cardenes says:

    Quick question, do u have a app to create notes? How efficient is this
    devise to replace completely a notebook? I have seen that the writing is
    quite clear compare to the tablet toys, could you provide more info or show
    by example how the writing experience would be. Thx in advanced!

  4. Luis_cardenes says:

    tnx for the quick rsp :)

  5. gastropodahimsa says:

    just take some freaking notes on it… no one who reviews this actually
    shows someone USING it. what is it like to take notes? for godssake!!!!!
    aaahh!!!!! I want to use this for math, scratch paper, thinking out loud. I
    just want to replace spiral notebooks. Music and whatnot is in my opinion
    superfluous. Please, just make a video of someone solving an integral or
    drawing a binary tree or some such thing. It would be a big help.

  6. ijssel stein says:

    @ECTACO Will there come a jetBook color glow. Just like with the Kobo glow.
    That would be way handier and nicer than a light behind your ear.

  7. Ectaco says:

    Hey, thanks for the message! You can take handwritten notes inside of
    different types of books. Or you can open up the ‘white paper’ section
    inside of your library and take handwritten notes as well. This can
    definitely replace a notebook, you can add tons of eBook, read for hours,
    take notes, look up words, save highlights and even hear what you are

  8. Ectaco says:

    Hey, thanks for the message! Since the jetBook color is intended to be a
    self-contained system like a regular book, all hand writing and annotations
    will stay on the device itself. We’ve never tested the speed of the devices
    ability to receive handwritten input but on the same hand, we’ve never
    received complaints about this. Hope this helps!

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