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The Internet – What does it means to the average person? In order to answer this question one must understand that prior to the existence of the internet; communications were limited to what we now call snail mail and the use of telecommunications in a limited manner.

I believe the answer to this question is that most people accept the internet as just a product in the continuing evolution of communications. Prior to the internet the notion of instantly communicating with anyone we chose at an affordable cost hardly existed. There are various articles that explain how the internet was developed and how it works; however, all the technical information available concerning the development of the internet is far beyond the desire the average person is willing to research and understand. Without this understanding the average person can still appreciate the ease with which one can still receive instant gratification.

Regardless of how the internet came about, I believe its popularity did not develop because of its technical ability to connect the world; but, it came about because use of the internet provided the average user with instant gratification. The ease with which this instant gratification is delivered has allowed even the novice user to communicate with anyone almost anywhere and has provide the popularity of internet use to expand beyond the originators vision. The desire to communicate has been a part of human development since the beginning of time; however, the desire to communicate instantly has been greatly enhanced by the internet.

As we can see, no other source of communication allows for the average individual to express his opinion to so many people with the ease of the internet. Personal conversations, business communications, and commercial transactions have all have been moved into a new environment of instant gratification. We can thank the originators of the internet for its existence but we must thank the average user for their willingness to try a new concept without possessing an in depth understanding of how it works.

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