Information Products – Work Hard Once – Make Money Online Over and Over

Why learn to do an Interview?

Well I could fill several blog posts and articles on the reasons for doing Interviews. Not only doing interviews but learning to do them properly.

Some of the reasons for doing Interviews are as follows:

Create content for Information Products fast and easy
Transfer of authority from the expert to you
Establish you credibility and you as the expert
List Building
Build relationships
Leverage traffic from experts
Leverage knowledge from experts
Work hard once and get paid over and over

I especially like the last one. Work hard once and get paid over and over… I am sure you can relate to that also.

When I first started online marketing my biggest problems I had were that I had no knowledge of the Niche I was entering, I was not an established authority, I did not like to write ebooks, and I didn’t have a list and didn’t know how to get traffic to my lists.

When I learned how to do interviews I took care of all these problems all at once.

First off I was able to create excellent content for my products by having the already established experts share their knowledge with myself and the would be soon audience I would have that would be watching my interviews.

During the interviews as I asked the questions I was not only getting content for my products I was also becoming the expert as the expert I was interviewing was transfering his authority to me just because I was seen with the expert. Therefor I must be an expert. We are seen as, or become like those we hang around as most would agree.

After my interviews were over I now had over 8 hours of pure content that each person I interviewed now had a vested interest in the success of my product.

I was able to leverage the fact that these experts were a part of my product which gave them the much needed benefits and incentive to want to promote my product to their list which enabled me to have an abundance of traffic driven to my sales page, which helped me generate over $ 104,349 in just 30 days with my Layoff Your boss product, and generate a list of over 10,000 subscribers.

Not bad for 8 hours of work! Now the work is over and my list building and sales continue on a daily basis.

Not much of a writer? Do an Interview… Problem solved!
Not enough content for your Information Products? Do an Interview… Problem Solved!
Not an expert in your Niche? Do an Interview… Problem Solved!
Not getting traffic to your site? Do an Interview… Problem Solved!

Just do an Interview and learn to do them well.

Jeff Wellman is the father of Internet Marketing legend Keith wellman and the founder of Layoff Your Boss Marketing. To learn how you can start making money online visit

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