Industry Leading StorageTek L80 Tape Library

StorageTek offers economical and innovative data protection solutions to handle the immense growth of information, and support complex IT environments and strict data regulations.

StorageTek has intelligently engineered new L80 tape library that has become the top choice for mid-range to large scale business enterprises. StorageTek L80 library is a reliable and cost-effective automated backup solution that allows seamless scalability to meet the rapidly increasing storage needs of today’s data rich applications.

Backup industry’s leading tape formats including SDLT tape & LTO ultrium tape are compatible with L80 tape library. First and second generations of SDLT tape (SDLT-320, SDLT-600), and the first three generations of LTO (LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3) are supported by StorageTek library. Good news is that the customers can use a mixture of the LTO and SDLT tape formats without any special partitioning system and media management.

StorageTek library is designed to allow easy up-gradation. All you need to do is increase the tape slots, add more tape drives, or attach a fiber channel router. Up to 8 tape drives and 80 tape cartridges can be attached to the L80 tape library. Therefore the users can easily scale up to 32 TB of native recording capacity. SDLT and LTO tapes feature longer archival life that reaches up to 30 years. Both these backup tape formats assure improved data reliability and dramatically decreased error rate to support the demands of busy data centers.

Popular LTO and SDLT tape cartridges are listed below:

Sony LTO-2 tape

HP LTO-3 tape

Dell LTO-1 tape

Fuji LTO4 tape

Maxell SDLT-2 tape

Quantum SDLT-1 tape

Dell LTO2
Dell LTO3
LTO tape Drives

Data transfer rate of StorageTek library reaches up to 2,304 GB/hour in native mode. StorageTek library provides enhanced media flexibility, unbeatable performance and highest level of data protection in Novell NetWare, Linux, Windows NT and UNIX operating platforms. StorageTek has incorporated new “remote diagnostic” and “library status” tools that enhance the efficiency of information manageability and assure rock solid reliability. These powerful tools empower the data managers to perform their operations from remote locations. “Any Cartridge Any Slot” is a new breakthrough feature that helps the customers to use multiple drives and media tapes.

L80 tape library is a member of the StorageTek’s L-series library family. Therefore as your backup needs grow, you can easily migrate to the next generation of L-series tape library. Ultra high speed L80 library system allows the users to complete their storage and archiving tasks with greater reliability and cost effectiveness.

Technical excellence and media expertise of StorageTek is behind the unmatched reliability and economical backup performance of L80 tape library.

High performance L80 tape library saves you time, money and space. This robust tape library assures superior data reliability with an MTBF of 360,000 hrs.

Hands-free automation helps to reduce the human interventions, thus helping to minimize data over-writes and unintentional data deletions. L80 library supports rack-mount shelves and rack mount rails.

For enhanced flexibility and improved data manageability, StorageTek has embedded a special SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) which assists in network management through an Ethernet connection.

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Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets SDLT-II tape and LTX200G. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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