HP MSL6000 Tape Library Offers Unbeatable Storage Performance

Terabytes of new information is being added daily to the existing data at an astounding rate. The data managers now have to deal with massive amounts of information that needs to be stored and made available whenever it is required. Larger backup files will ultimately require faster searching and rapid access. In addition to this, the data protection laws and industry regulations also have to be met by the organizations.

StorageWorks MSL6000 is a scalable and efficient tape library that has been developed by HP to meet the ever-changing data storage requirements. HP MSL6000 tape library offers unbeatable performance, increased recording capacity and helps to reduce the involvement of IT staff.

The tape library offers more flexibility and scalability with the option of multi-unit stacking. Now you can install up to 16 tape drives. The HP MSL6000 library also features additional 240 slots. MSL6000 tape library is more advantageous because you have the luxury to use three different tape drives including SDLT-600 drive, ultrium 960 LTO-3 drive and ultrium 1840 LTO-4 drive. Therefore now you can gain more benefit by using the LTO-3 tape, SDLT tape and LTO-4 ultrium tape technologies.

MSL6000 library offers a robust, reliable and centralized data storage solution in a single automated device. Therefore it helps to free your I.T resources and leads to less human interventions and low ownership cost.

HP MSL6000 library is the most economical option for mid-range to large networks. If you are looking to increase the security level with the implementation of data encryption, then you can use the HP LTO-4 1840 drives that provide AES data encryption functionality. You can use ISV backup applications and the HP data protector software for encryption-key management. With the reliable data encryption functionality, the users can assure regulation compliance and data privacy.

MSL6000 library will provide you greater reliability and media performance with the scalability to grow with the increasing backup and archival needs. You can confidently scale to higher capacity configurations and change with the optimal tape technology as needs require.

Data managers can easily perform their daily routine tasks with MSL6000 tape libraries through its exceptional remote web management and GUI control panel. Therefore the customers can confidently manage their precious data from any on-site or remote location.

Some of the top brands for LTO-3, LTO-4 and SDLT tapes are listed below:

Dell LTO-4 tape

Sony LTO4 tape

HP LTO4 tape

Quantum SDLT 2 tape

HP SDLT-2 tape

Sony SDLT 1 tape

Fuji SDLT 1 tape

Maxell LTO 3 tape

Quantum LTO3 tape

HP MSL6000 library is built tough to provide improved data security and improved storage capacity. The tape library also provides 4 GB fiber channel and LVD ultra-320 SCSI interfaces. These interfaces are can only be used with the HP LTO-3 and LTO-4 tape drives.

HP MSL6000 library offers cost efficient and easy installation. You can easily upgrade your backup storage system and confidently work with the industry leading backup software, operating systems and network servers.


Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets LTO-3 tape drive and SDLT tape drive. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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