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The typical pathway to create ebooks is to use a word processor to compile it and type your fingers raw until you are done. When you save your ebook you save it to your hard-drive so you can access it whenever you are ready to resume the construction of your ebook. Many other ebook authors have the money but not the time to compile it, so they hire it out. Placing the bid on a work for hire site and thumb through the myriad bids and resumes until they reach a decision on which bid to accept. This process may take several weeks to complete but it does take less time directly from the person doing the hiring. As technology so frequently does, there is a new curve in the path to creating your own ebooks. That curve is Google’s newest online word processing program, Google docs.

Before you get your hackles up over a web based word processor, let me point out a few of the amazing features that Google Docs showcases.

Regarding formatting, Google Docs has every single formatting function you would hope for in a basic word processor. Notice I said “basic”. It doesn’t have all the frills and fluff that you will find in the industry giants like MS Word, but it will get the job done. It features many fonts and functions that will make creating your own documents rapid and easy.

Google Docs features a function that allows you to import any of your word processing docs that are on your hard drive. That is to say, you can simply upload your MS Word files, MS wordpad files, or just about any other word processing docs to your Google Docs account and incorporate them right where you left off. After uploading, you can simply delete your old file from your hard drive. This is all due to the next feature.

Online document storage which allows you to retain a working copy of the file that you can improve on as you see fit. This feature grants the use access from any internet access point which allows them use their Gmail account. If you can check your Gmail your can continue to work on your Google Docs. No matter where you go in the world, if the place has a business center, you will have access to your docs.

The final feature I am going to discuss is the “share” feature. This feature allows you to grant access and privileges to anyone with an email address. If you are off on vacation to Cabo, and your business partner, or a client, wants to see one of your files you just authorize them on the account. After indicating which file they are allowed to access, your work is done. It is really one of the easiest way to collaborate on a file without one of you having a copy which is not up to date. The copy you have on file at Google Docs is always up to date because it is the only copy.

I hope you have found this brief article helpful and that you sign up for Google Docs right away. I have found a tremendous benefit in it myself and I think you will too.

Gavin J. King is the creator of get paid for writing ebooks and creates e-books designed to assist internet marketers increase their success. With a broad range of experience and knowledge to draw from his products and articles are helpful and enjoyable. Gavin J. King likes writing articles about how to write ebooks and other web-based, worthwhile pursuits.

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