How to Fax Online

With the regular use of internet and emails among people, online faxing has gained popularity. With the help of email faxing software, hard copy of documents can be shared through email and similarly, email attachments can be received as hard copies using fax. One of the advantages of faxing online is that the cost are less than that of the fax machine.

Primarily, an email account is required to fax through the internet. While creating the email, the content to be faxed must be typed in the ‘body’ part of the mail. As usual, attachments can be clipped with the email. It is essential to know the destination fax number to send the fax.

This fax number, which is followed by Internet fax service name, is entered in the ‘To’ field of the mail. Some of the popular Internet fax services are ‘efax’, ‘rapidfax’, ‘myfax’, ‘ringcentral fax’, and so on. For instance, if the fax number is 1-234-567-8900 and the Internet fax service is ‘efax’, then the ‘To’ field will be ’’. In the ‘Subject’ field of the mail, name of the recipient is entered. For example, ‘Attention: Mr. XYZ’.

The above steps were used to send fax using email. Receiving fax is equally easy by using email faxing. The fax content will be received as attachments, had you used Internet fax service. However, in case you are using conventional fax machine, you will receive the standard hard copy form of fax.

Internet fax service providers offer both hardware-based and software-based services. Of course, it is essential to sign up for an account, to get software of the Internet fax service. In the hardware-based service, an emulation of fax machine is done using the router.

Faxing from your computer can be done just with the help of internet, it can be accessed from any place where the internet facility is available. Therefore, it is very helpful to the business professionals or travelers who may often need to share documents while moving from one place to another!

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